The Convoy Of Piett

Piett in the WWF.
Written & submitted by Charles Crocco

What would happen if Piett were a WWF wrestler? Here, Piett goes through his rookie year in the WWF, looking for the gold before he's called to set up his decoy at Endor. Look for the beginning of Team Corporate here, as well as some Alliance characters trying to stop our young prodigy. Look for me and my friend to do some tag matches.

Howard Finkle: This bout is scheduled for one fall. (Owen Hart's music plays) First, from Calgary, Alberta Canada, weighing 234 pounds, here is Owen Hart!! (Audience begins "nugget" chants) And his opponent, from his post in the Death Squadron (People talk in confusion as the Imperial March plays) Making his professional wrestling debieu, weighing in at 196 pounds, here is Captain Piett!!

(Piett is accompanied by Commodore Ozzel and Grand Moff Tarkin.)

(bell rings)

Jim Ross: There goes the bell for the opening match on RAW IS WAR and Owen is already taking it to Piett with a clothesline. He is hurt already. Owen thinks it's a joke and is going for the sharpshooter.

Jerry "the King" Lawler: Yeah Owen, beat that punk!! Snap his legs!!

Jim Ross: He's got it on good, but Piett rolls Owen and has just powerslammed the Black Hart!! Owen gets up and oh my goodness!! Piett has him in a vertical suplex and is holdingf him there. What power on the part of this rookie!! Owen is dizzy, he's now out on his feet. Now Piett has him on the top rope, (Piett powerbombs him off the top rope) My god, He just broke Owen in half!!! Stop the match!! (Piett pins him and wins). This rookie has just mowed though a veteran in the ring without any mistakes. He appears to be a bright new star

Lawler: The kid was just lucky. Besides, Owen let him win. (for the next month, Piett obliterates all opposition, including HHH, Al Snow, Gangrel, and destroys Christian for the Light Heavyweight title (Dwane Gill is still in some backwater wrestling federation, wasting his time).

A match is signed where Piett forfeits his Light Heayweight Title to wrestle the Road Dogg Jesse Jammes at the Royal Rumble for the Hard Core title, an non-prestigious, but highly respected title.

Jim Ross: What a card we've has so far!! The tag belts have remained with Shamrock and Bossman after an intense battle with Tarkin and Ozzel. Just when Ozzel used the Death Star Driver (Death Valley Driver with extra force provided by a tag partner.) the Rock attacks Ozzel and Test assults Tarkin to allow Team Corporate to keep the belts with a DQ. The Brood destroys the Blue Meanie, Al Snow, and Terry Funk from the J.O.B. squad after a long rivalry. Right after Funk moonsaults Gangrel, all hell breaks loose. Edge gets the Downward Spiral when the other four are out of the ring and fins the Funkster. Now, another rivalry, in which chairs, tables, empty and full beer kegs, and stairs were thrown around, will come to its peak here: Piett and the Road Dogg for the Hard Core title.

Finkle: This match, scheduled for one fall, is one half of the main event and is for the Hard Core Title. First, the Challenger (Imp. March plays) from the Grand Council at Coruscant (people boo (Don't worry, it's just that everyone boos DX's opponents today) weighing in at 214 and one-half pounds, here is Captain Piett! And his opponent (New Age Outlaws music plays, and everyone cheers) from Louisville, the WWF Hard Core champion, the Road Dogg, Jesse Jammes!

(Piett lets Road Dogg talk)

Road Dogg: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. D-Generation X proudly brings to you the WWF Hard core champion of the wooooooooooooooorld: The Road Dogg Jesse Jammes, The Badd Ass Billy Gunn, the New Age Outlaws!!!!!! And if you ain't down with Hard Core, we've got two words for you: SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(everyone in the audience joins in)

Jim Ross: Here we are, they are tou to get each other, this is goin' to be a slobberknocker!!! They are tou of the ring fighting, and the Road Dogg with a chair nails Piett right on the skull. one, two, and a half!!

Lawler: He took that one on the top of the head. He'll be a little disoriented for a long time. Besides, the Road Dogg to;d me he has a surprise for Piett!!

J.R.: I'd hate to see that, especially with what you call a surprise. Piett being beaten with the steps, How can he take so much punishment??

Piett gets him by the tights, and road Dogg falls into the ring post, and falls face first into the steel steps, which he dropped. Piett now takes command, and he's now giving the Dogg the beating of his career. Here comes security guards, as they're now in the audience. (Road Dogg and Piet beat the hell out of each other for five minutes with chairs and drinks) Now Piett is bringing Road Dogg back to the ring, I think it's time for the Thermal Detonator, (his Power bomb off the top rope) but wait!! Three of the security guards asr attacking Piett!! No wonder, it's Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Wedge Antillies. Tarkin and Ozzel were hurt badly by Team Corporate, so they can't help. Wait, here comes another superstar, The KnightHawk, accompanied by the new tag team, the Death Warriors, Charles "War Hammer" Crocco and Matt "Dr. Death" Stammel. They eliminate the drunk Solo fast. KnightHawk goes after Antillies, while the Death Warriors go after Chewie. War Hammer gives Chewie a flying tackle rith into Dr. Death's chair. They set him up on the top rope, and they give him the Ow. (I'll tell you later) Thery put Piett on top of Road Dogg. Dr. Death wakes up the referee while War Hammer eliminates Solo. The Referee, a little groggy,, two, three!! Piett has won the Hard Core title!!!

(Over the next two months, Piett defends the title an astounding 25 times. He develops a rivalry with the European Champion, Al Snow, where a title for title match develops for Wrestlemania XV two weeks prior to the event, after Piett wins a cage match to defend his title against Al Snow, where Piett wins with Tarkin's help after the J.O.B. Squad enters the cage (Ozzel injured his leg during a tag match where he and Vader defeated Owen Hart and Jeff Jerrett).)

{To be continued in Part 2.}

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