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Admiral PiettUpdate - 02 March 1999
Just a very quick note to say that the site will be updated this week - probably Wednesday/Thursday. I'm just trying to settle into the new routine at University, which includes rather long hours away from my computer (which cuts down the time I have to work on this thing).

In a related matter, I'm looking for someone to help out with the Piett Fiction area of the site. It's grown so big, and continues to grow at such a rate that it's eating up too much of my time. I need a person (or team of people) willing to take the time to convert submissions into HTML 4 for the site. If you're willing to help, drop me a line.

And don't forget that you can also now contact me via ICQ - my ID no. is 18368844!

Alert All Commands
The latest and greatest news on the Empire's greatest officer can be found here - info on upcoming Piett books, games, toys, personal appearences, and much. much more.

The Cult of Piett
At last - the Semi-Official Admiral Piett Fan Club! Totally free, and tons of fun!

The Piett Chronology
Relive every stunning moment of an extraordinary life.

The Quotable Piett
A full transcript of every line Piett ever said! Memorise them and be the rage at parties!

The Piett Gallery
View stunning portraits of the image of manhood: Admiral Piett.

The Piett Audio/Visual Library
You've read his words, now see and hear him in action! Every single line is available to hear, and a choice selection of some of his most stirring moments on film.

Official Information
Official information and articles on Piett and the man behind the magic - Kenneth Colley.

The Piett Files
Look inside the Admiral's personal files at his views on some of the most contraversial elements of the Star Wars Universe.

Piett Fiction
A collection of the fine works all related to the Admiral, including songs, stories, poems and art.

Tales of the Imperials
It begins here - an anthology of Imperials, written by the best fanfic writers on the 'net.

The Noble Cause
A note from Grand Admiral Scott Hayden - creator of the Piett Homepage and founder of the Cult of Piett.

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