The Cult Of Piett

The History of Charles Trapp Jr.
Written & submitted by Charles Trapp Jr.

Charles Trapp Jr. started his career as a Military test Pilot so he got to know just about every type of Imperial starfighter out there. During this career he meet a two Kuat Engineers one named Thomas Munkres and the other Sung Chan. They all formed a close friendship but were separated shortly because of there jobs.

Charles went on to formally join the Imperial navy starting as a TIE pilot on the VSD Big Boss. Who rose through the ranks very fast showing uncanny leading ability reaching Commodore in The Pukati Pirate incident. That rank was short lived due to a tragic betrayal by his chief security officer (who later defected).A couple of months went by and now Lieutenant Commander Charles Trapp Jr. Got a real treat he was assigned to the 133 TIE int squadron or Hell's Hornets. Who were at the time stationed on the SSD Executor! Hornet one was a man named Commander Kyrell Starchaser. They became the best of friends and after the battle of Endor two of four remaining Hornets. Those got picked up by ISD Overwhelm. The Hornets reformed shortly after remaining with the Overwhelm an ISD that had been modified to have twice as many turbolasers, but only carried 3 TIE squadrons. During a deep space scouting mission Charles fighter lost power, but he was able to get a distress signal out so a ship came and got him the ship was the IDC Syren under the command of Captain Draani. Where he stayed for a quite a while as part of the 23rd TIE squadron the Sulking Mynoks. After Line Captain Munkers was placed in command Now Captain Charles Trapp asked for a appeal to his trial decision. Now Rear-Admiral Munches granted it and looked over all the facts and new knowledge learned sense then like the chief witnesses defection and overturned the decision. Giving Charles the rank of Commodore. At this he requested his old command ,the 33rd Ship Squadron, back which was granted and the 33rd was placed in the kuat sector under Rear-Admiral Munkres. There was one more surprise and that was his friend Kyrell was the new Commander in charge of starfighters in the 33rd. Now Rear-Admiral Charles Trapp Jr. and his command serve and protect the Kuat drive yards along with the noble Syren and Vice-Admiral Thomas Munkres

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