If you play Halo, you need to watch Red versus Blue. If you haven't played the game, just browse the news comics they've been posting. Though you should check out their toons without being a gamer geek.

Bad Gods is very, very short one shot flash comics. Kind of alike a toon version of the Far Side.

Neo-Monster Island, this is the home of Twisted Kaiju Theater (fun with toys and photoshop) but also has cool Godzilla info and the K-Girl pin ups!

Penny Arcade is a gaming commentary site that also does a comic! Therefore they are right NEXT to the Online comics section.

Online Comic Strips

The ones that I keep up with at least. For reading convenience, the ones with stars have a weekly viewing, and they are ordered by update frequency (Daily, 3 times a week, weekly, whenever...).

Just to break my own orders I'm puting IC/OC up here at the top! This is my webcomic that will update whenever my lazy artists get me the art they've promised.

I've finally caught up withCollege Roomies From Hell!! It's great, it's all about werebeasts, mutations, and romance. Go check it out..... Yes, it is good enough to outrank Sluggy on my list!

Sluggy Freelance is a fabulous comic that is crazy and pop cultural. It's also the king tobacco of webcomics...kind of....

Schlock Mercenary was suggested to me by just about everybody. I love sci-fi and I'm glad that I have a webcomic for it that's not all geek humor!

Kevin and Kell is a wonderfully sweet comic but don't let that fool you, this predator/prey relationship is not what you'd expect.

Funny Farm. Robots and animals and people. This is another Keenspot comic that promises furry fun and clever catchphrases like "Less Talky Equal No Shooty." The main comic is over but the site links his other projects so it gets to stay here.

User Friendly one of the many computer based comics online. This one focuses on the goings on of an internet provider.

PVP, the illustrious comic by Scott Kurtz is now on my list. I think I'll need to start buying the comic books too!

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is a daily comic that offers one panel jokes with up to THREE punchlines! Some people can't cram that into a whole page of update!

Who needs spelling? The Devil's Panties is unapolagetic about a lot of things and the spelling errors are just one of them. No it's not satanic porn. The author is also responsible for a LARPing comic (OMG YES) called Geebas on Parade.

Married to the Sea is a nonsequiter comic that captions old clip art and illustrations. It would be unremarkable if they weren't so offbeat, though they hardly live up to their status as the "Champagne of Web Comics".

Pimps and hos. God and the devil. Dogs and cats. Sinfest is a comic with all this and less. BACK from limbo to take its rightful place.

Something Positive. If that's what your looking for go check Veggie Tales. This is the most cynical and dark comic I read. Yes, darker than KoDT. The artist, having been bribed with his year's salary by his readers, now does nothing but comics! Here's Milholland's other titles. Midnight Macabre, SP 1939, and Rhymes with Witch.

Commissioned, a gaming webcomic. O shows off his skills and brings us a variety of comics about his gaming group and their characters.

Bob and George, Sprite Comics. Everyday. The oldest mega Man sprite comic online comes at you with an army of back up comics by his fans! I'm a fan of Metroid Third Derivative myself. The neat thing is even though it ended he's still going through the archives and adding commentary. Thus giving me an excuse to check the fancomics everyday.

Evil Inc! The comic by the creator of Greystone Inn Both comics have the same sense of humor and couple of shared cast members. Check both of them out!

Studio Foglio's Girl Genius is now online! Now you don't need a comic subscription to get it! Also, they're bringing back their other comics like Buck Godot- Zap Gun for Hire.

The 10 Doctors is the best part of Rich's Comic Blog, but he also updates aYet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic. What he lacks in finished colored art he makes up for in quantiy and quality of story and jokes and characterization! Well worth the pencil marks!

The N-Fans is great not only because of the Captain N concept behind it but the actual dramatic interaction that some of the characters have!

A comic about everything fandom, formerly Faans but now merely Fans!. The fastest growing comic on Keenspace/Keenspot transferred over to Graphic Smash! After years in hiatus it's back in business and gol darn it, I'm not scooting it halfway down the page
The inspiration for Billberg University.

This comic is about friends at East Coast anime conventions. Nuff said. However, the site now holds all of Kara Dennison's works, including pages for her other comics; Sticky Wicket, , and even Fanbreeding (now appearing in Nth Dimension magazine!

WEREGEEK is the new apple of my Fanboy's eye. It's mostly a gamer's comic, which of course appeals to me, but it's got a GREAT community, the forum is like a cross betweens the old school Fans! madness and the forum over at Kumoricon. Hey, here's a link even!

Pixelated Robot Romance! Diesel Sweeties is all that and more. Come and make fun of Indy Rock Pete with the porn star and CRUSH HU-MANS with Red Robot!

Questionable Content has Indy Rock Love Geometry, with 80% less robot then Diesel Sweeties! Just as many obtuse jokes though! However if you want to be even more iconoclastic, check out the Indie Tits. These tits are more indie than you.

Scary Go Round is a romp through a small city in England unsuitably infested with mad science and the supernatural. From the creator of Bobbins.

Dominic Deegan is a fantasy comic. It looks like it'd be an awesome setting for an RPG. Awesome puns and a great plot make this an instant classic.

Star Slip Crisis is a space opera onboard the Fuseli, a spaceship art museum. The creator is the genius behind Checkerboard Nightmare!, the phoenix of webcomic commentary.

Wapsi Square is way more complicated than BOOBS! Some of you probably wouldn't care about the god of alchohol, the ancient trio of chimera spirits, or the Sluagh girl in the basement of the museum. For you, there is BOOBS!

xkcd is your number one comic for nerd humor. A comic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. Not just GEEK humor but really nerdy stuff. Math and science formulas, graph and bar charts. Also, hating raptors.

Beautiful Princess Creamy Beamy and Muertitos fulfill a long needed spot in my webcomic reading. the first is a magical girl manga and the second is a comic about dead kids. Oh, and MPCB has nudity so be careful kids! Plump heroines and extremely obscure references all rolled into one lovely little bundle. Thank you very much S. Sakurai.

Goats* is an amusing comic the is quite raunchy at times. With a norse goat, a satanic chicken, and 180 year old dead geneticists what's it lacking?

Candi is a comic by starline, a person on my LJ friendslist who I found through It's Walky. It's a fun comic about college kids.

You'll Have That is the webcomic of that cute couple you met in college. The one that was always romantic and cute. The ones that made you sick you know? Only the comic is funny without being mean.

I'm finally checking out GU Comics after a bunch of my friends have suggested it. It's banned at work and you know what that means. Choice gaming stuff to distract you from work!

The Digital Pimp. This site has a bunch of comics and if you're lucky you'll get a new update everyday. At the very least, check it out for "Joe Loves Crappy Movies."

The ultimately SWEEET guys at SNAFU Comics not only make a funny gamer comic, but they also have Grim Tales from Down Below and Tin the Incompetent Ninja and a little something called the
And now they have even MORE comics on the team!

Real Life is just like life, only with Time travel, clones, and holograms!

Gunnerkrigg Court is stylish and smart and on Tue/Thu. A mysterious private school with strange inhabitants and supernatural surroundings. Now MWF!

The RYANS! Now if we were talking super heroes, these guys'd be up there with the Justice League and the Avengers. Unfortunately they just make super comics. HQ of the creators of Silent Kimbly and Dinosaur Comics!

The Lounge. We all wish that our town had a place like this. Totally hot art, and guest appearences by Kara!

CTRL-ALT-DELETE is a great gaming comic and the birth place of the MAC PANTHERS! Happy Wintereenmas everybody!

Blue and Blond is the only surfing webcomic I know of! Imagine if the art of RPG World got tired of being abandoned and found somebody else to draw it, then went surfing.

Bored and Evil. sounds like a lot of my friends! A hunchback and his monstrous roomates live up to the title.

Bruno The Bandit is set in a fantasy setting but that doesn't keep the evening news from being interrupted by vacuum commercials!

I'm a sucker for a T Campbell comic. Penny and Aggie proves that by making a comic that could be as dry as Luann or Cathy somewhat interesting and funny. The smooth art of Gisele LaGlace doesn't hurt either! Convenient for me is that the forums connect to all of T's other works!

Girls with Slingshots is yet another urban chick comic. Don't worry, it's got a talking cactus. It's not just date humor.

One Small Step for webcomics. A new hybrid minivan gains hyperspace capabilities when a marketing writer messes with it. A comic you can share with your parents.

Help Desk and Kernel Panic. Two sides of the software world, the industry side of evil and irresponsibility and IT department of business, which is also on the side of irresponsibility. art bad, jokes good!

It's Walky! One word, WIIGII!!! Two comics in one! come for Walky, read Roomies to catch up! With Aliens and romance and intrigue this comic had it all. The story is over though, now we're getting Roomies twice a week while Willis works on his next project. The project being SHORTPACKED! Toys and funny, super plus gooood!

Exploitation Now Is over! And boy did it end on a sucky note! Grrrr.... Never fear though! Poe has brought usa new comic!
Errant Story. Elves and angst and probably some guns and magic too! Truly epic storyline and high quality fantasy setting.

The Order of the Stick took me long enough to start reading! Another one of those comics that sprang up from another site. Literally about a player party of D&D 3.5 characters. Also be sure to check out Erfworld.

I don't know why it's called Terror Island. This photocomic uses game pieces for characters. It follows the adventures of two roomates who are constantly trying to trick the other into buying groceries. They have a new comic that I'll direct link soon.

Fragile Gravity, the art studio where French cats and stout toting stoats take advantage of artists in a penguin dominated distopia. They have explanations foreverything but the French cat. I got into FG because it was the first comic to do an actual crossover with Conscrew!

Friendly Hostility is a comic whose archives actually ARE the backstory! How innovative! Starting before they were born, the comic stars a gay couple, their demon and their slave girl won in a poker match.

Nukees is a founding father of Keenspot, so that counts a lot in my book. I can't describe it without mentioning the Giant Robot Ant, so why bother even trying?

Theater Hopper might just be the oldest movie comic. You'd have to check the archives. This one is from a fan's perspective, you've got the fanboy lead (named Tom, bonus!), the Julia Roberts loving wife, and his friend Jared. Jared sometimes turns into Goth Jared, it's weird.

He's a ninja, he's a Doctor. He's Doctor McNinja. That really is, all you need to know.

General Protection Fault , you guessed it! More computer humor. This time in the form of a software company. Don't worry, there's evil plots against geekdom as well as talking slime molds. Hopefully this comic will work its way back to MWF, but for now its weekly. Humph!

We now get into the less often schedules.

Antiseptic Poetry ......OK look, I'll make you a deal. this is the last of the 5-Day comics. The busty, hippy, scantily clad character here is a superhero. She doesn't have powers but that doesn't matter. Cheesecake doesn't need superpowers to be sexy. you want powers? Scroll down and look for Supermegatopia!

B-Movie Comic. Just what it sounds like. It's got a mad scientist, a dumb jock, a goth girl, and an Asian street kid. Also, lame monsters. It's on the second movie at this point.

8-Bit Theater's home page. It took me a long time to finally check it out but once again, Pezcat gets the final suggestion.

WONDERMARK is an illustrated jocularity, good 19th century reused and repurposed artwork coupled with modern sensibilities. Good show!

Taking the Bi-Pass always makes me feel like I'm out of the loop you know? It's funny, but who is dating who?

Clan of the Cats* is another reason I think Murasaki has been plotting against me. Thanks to a storyline by T Campbell I'm on board with this Keen favorite. I'm not too worried though, I've seen enough of this comic from crossovers that it is very promising!

New comic block that lacks good definition (or a work ethic that makes it stick to its schedule). Here it is. Rob and Elliott Monday/Friday....maybe...

Antiseptic Poetry ......OK look, I'll make you a deal. this is the last of the 5-Day comics. The busty, hippy, scantily clad character here is a superhero. She doesn't have powers but that doesn't matter. Cheesecake doesn't need superpowers to be sexy. you want powers? Scroll down and look for Supermegatopia!

In New York, No one can hear you scream. Alien Loves Predator shows us that a lecherous alien and a down on his luck Predator can get along well enough to have Baseball star Jesus the son of God as a roomate.

So I'm a big fan of Ramon Perez, RPG artist and Canadian National. Turns out he has a webcomic that he update now and then! It's called Butternut Squash, why I don't know.

Family Man is a comic I found through an art blog. It's kinda weird, like a term paper on some Dostoyevski novel I never read. I read it to support the cool artist.

Three Panel Soul is the new comic buy the guys who brought us Mac Hall. Same quality, different style and premise.

Pezcat suggesting VG Cats. Methinks there's a feline gamer conspiracy!

Red Meat A really creepy comic but strangely amusing.

Kristy vs the Zombie Army starts off Survival Horror, goes over to Buffy, then into a traditional martial arts anime! Once a Week.

The Zombie Hunters apparently zombies only come once a week. This comic is brand spanking new, so read the short archives and find out what happened to these young zombie survivors.

Multiplex is, of course, a movies comic. I've added like, three of them recently thanks to crosslinking. This is one of the comics that proves that eventually, EVERY stupid customer and EVERY stupid coworker will eventually be made fun of in a webcomic. No matter what the job.

Supermegatopia, Kiwi capital of the world and chaotic land of seminude furry superheroes! No really! It's not that bad!

Punks and Nerds also this could be called jerks and morons, but that doens't mean it's a bad comic.

Angry Zen Master Tuesdays fridays? It's slow but the art can be pretty. Jamie Noguchi is awesome.

Asgard youth at play! Brat-Halla shows us what it was like when Frigga and Odin were raising all the younger gods. Special appearances by Odin's lost eye as the recurring villain!

Goblins Life through their eyes. This gaming comic starts out really silly but now the story has really developped well! One of the best out there!

Keychain of Creation is the web's best (if not really the first) Exalted RPG comic. It follows in the footsteps of Order of the Stick in both awesome and in-game accuracy.

Gone with the Blast Wave is a comic that has no need to explain itself. Much. It involves a pair of soldiers wander about a city infested with their enemies. Fun when it updates.

Mindflayed, the tale of a mindflayer (illithid) in a D&D type world. Perks include a psychotic and effeminate elf guy and a creepy little lesbian halfling.

Eye-popping art versus bratty kids. This is Kitty-bot! You're lucky that you'll actually have a robot to look at when you start the comic!

Butterfly is the first in a pair of crosslinking superhero comics.
Local Heroes is the other one. They're both good and have different themes.


Now we get into the territory of comics who aren'te technically dead yet, but mostly because they are too stubborn to admit defeat.

Photo comic ahoy, mark an English flag! It's Michael's Exciting Life! A photocomic with actual people for a change. It is truly amazing. Michael is a musician and an artist and his friends, well. You gotta kinda feel sorry for poor James.

Joe and Monkey are another of Boxcar Comics' favorites that have caught my eye. They're afraid of ducks!

I found Gaming Guardians through Fans! and haven't regretted it so far! Plenty of gamer humor and robot love.

This comic hasn't lived up to its name yet. Too Much Information has some generic cgi artwork and some clever photo bits for techies.

Filthy Lies! This is honestly a good product! It's like odd couple with talking meat and more gay jokes.

What is Carzorthade? Well, pay attention. Once upon a time a boy used a bunch of different nicknames online, then one day two of them manifested in his world! Terminatrkid is a T-200 robot that looks just like him, and Slate is made of rock. there are antics and strangeness ahead for these boys and their friends, come along for the ride.

Nothing Nice to Say proclaims itself as the first punkcomic on the web and I believe it. Tons of music inside jokes here with band you've never seen on MTV (and won't if they never sell out!). Nowadays the artist is busy with a more biographical and less themed comic, San Antonio Rock City. Neither of them really seem to update anymore.

One part Ancient Evil from beyond space, one part Too Kawaii Evil of sickly sweetness. Hello Cthulu is the story of elder gods caught in a completely different kind of hell dimension.

MAAKIES! a comic in the spirit of alternative newspapers, like Red Meat is. As seen in the Portland Mercury.

Neko the Kitty may not actually be updating anymore. huh.... It was cute while it lasted.

The Whovian Observer updates when theres news or when the artist has something to say. I check it about once a week anyway so it goes here. Worth at least one look if only for The Master comics. A must see for Dr. Who fans.

Crazy Kimchi is another site brimming with good stuff. The best reason to go there is that he might update Kill Harry! An awesome comic that combine Kill Bill and Harry Potter! No Stopping the straw haired witch!
......unless he stops drawing....despite being paid to.... Malfunction Junction is actually well aware of the fact they don't update very often. Some good mean Midwestern humor. If you count Ohio as a midwestern state.

What's this? S.T.F.U.???? A comic by Krae, an old gaming buddy from college???? I've read it but I can't explain. Trust me.

This........... ....is ?.

Framed is a Keen phenomenon. This fourthwall breaker and its author have been incredibly influential in the online community. Don't let the unorthodox methods distract you, they're part of the fun.

OK, so I didn't do much research on my Keenspace project but I did find the INSANE Pokey the Penguin through Framed. You thought "All your base..." was messed up.

Chopping Block, Murderers are people too. Just keep saying that Butch..... I wonder if he murdered the artist?

Like old NES games? Check out Old Skooled and get back to the basics. I think they're down for awhile...

New comics I'm Archiving Delving right now/again.

http://www.pockybot.com/ There's a lot.. but I haven't started them yet. I'm throwing in with Keen (or maybe Blank Label since they were some of my faves) since Fans! is ending. This should be easy now that I hve the right address. Also Captain Mike.

OK, now we come to the divider. Below are comics I either don't keep track of or I haven't started. However to start the section I'd like to link this comic,
Of Mice and Mayhem It is a Rescue Rangers comic that was a one shot story but it's really really good.

The Road to Serfdom was referenced by T Campbell. I find it strangely appropriate for the times.

This Comic sucks Mondays? Don't trust it.... It's over now.

when it comes to comics that are over, only Fans! can outshine the glory of Narbonic. Mad science and romance and all sorts of humor! I was all too late on this one but you can still read the archives!

Radioactive Panda was a great mad scientist comic. One of the two main characters is decapitated by the second page. It's over now but it had a pretty good storyline of webcomic commentary at the end. Their new project hasn't started yet as far as I can tell.

...hey suburbia! We're kids! and we're punks! and we're......cheerfully friendly? eh???

Loserz- "Sexing up your pants" or some such madness. A decent teen comic suggested by I dunno who, but it's no longer going.

Seasons of Constancy won't make much sense at first, luckily that's the idea! This comic is a study in social development and very wide ranging in subject matter. All you need to know is that there are two families who have grown close over the years, one from a foreign land and from the city they're in. After that it's up to you! Dive in with both feet!
Note: This has officially ended.

More Sprites! More Final Fantasy! My needs have been sated by Final Fantasy Excursions. Not just one FF cast, but lots of them! Now if it'll just update....

I can't believe it took me this long to read RPG World. I mean, it's video game RPG humor to the max, and without sprites! Finally back from hiatus...not really.

Gashapon Shop is a cool comic about kids, presumably in Japan. Gashapon are those little plastic bubbles at supermarket entrances, the ones with toys inside. In Japan they are MUCH COOLER of course! Cute comic!

Who are The Grimbles? Well Think of all the extras at the Addam's Family ball and you'll have a good idea of the Grimbles. Not as macabre but just as eccentric, tune in now before the whale returns!
Unfortunately the author promises no new comics for them, but he does have another comicthat I will eventually link... HERE! Splendid Everlasting.

Pirate Queen Marianne is about space piracy and is pretty neat, the art is super stylized though, like "modern art" stylized. No on infinite hiatus. Sigh.

Niego ended shortly after I got into it. Actually, it ended the day I typed this!

I've been a fan of anything to do with Romance of the Three Kingdoms since I play Dynasty warriors 2. Now there's a webcomic that portrays the epic of Shu, Wu, and Wei. Three Kingdoms' Comic is an international hit, with translations in 4 languages! Unfortunately the comic ended and he took the archives with him. Sigh.

The Coffee Achievers From the halls of the Digital Pimp and Boxcar comics, sprang the Coffee Achievers. It's a six chapter story of witches, hipsters, warlocks, and coffee. Pretty neat stuff.

Life of Wiley, is a sprite that includes characters from Megaman but is definitely not limited to them. Now the comic is dead and admits it, better than vanishing or just promising to update.

This comic is Anything But, so says the homepage at least. Another comic drawn by someone I met in a forum. No longer updated but cute.

A friend of mine, Joe, has a comic. Go read Ankhboy! He's recovering from the Keencrash, supposedly there'll be another comic there as well when he's done.

Murasaki wins once again, with a healthy contribution to Elf Life's author. Elf Life is a fantasy comic of dimension hopping mayhem. Now on a pay-per-view schedule? didn't like it THAT much Carson, sorry!

Queen of Wands is a comic by an old boardie friend. Aerie's comic explores the history and interelationships of three pagan friends as they go through marriage, unemployment, and pregnancy. Oh yeah, and corsets.

Shadey Theatre a sprite comic with medium-slow updates and some excellent humor. Besides, the main villain is named Cthulu Boogie!
Where is it? Where did It go? Why oh why is it gone!!! It was the best sprite comic EVER!!!

Acid Reflux is complicated. It's about a god and her adventures in her own universe. Trying to get followers away from fake gods can be a pain. Of course waiting for updates can be hard, especially because the comic is so GOOD.

The rarely updated Avalon*! It's aboot Candadian highschoolers eh? Sorry, I'm not Canadian and neither is the writer. ATTENTION: No aliens, superpowers, or mutants will be in this comic strip! Realism-ophobes be warned.

Fanboy Otaku Gamers Club Adventure Used to be cool. Oh well, it's probably dead now.

Men in Hats. If it's good enough for T Campbell then its good enough for me. Then again, it seems to have ended.....

C.Ulture Shock Drawn by someone (check the URL) who I saw on the Fanboard. Hey, it's Keenspace.

I don't know how long it'll be around or how often it updates but Legionnaires is the first Star Wars based webcomic I've seen. Even if it only had a couple of strips before it died.

If I don't quit finding NEW comics I'm never gonna get around to reading the ones that've been suggested!

In the interest of science I shall be investigating Boy meets Boy and Shinkutokimekisempukaku on Keenspace...... this was to find out why their boards were bigger but I've changed my goals.

Cool Cat Studio is pretty much dead as far as online goes but they're makin comics! Check 'em out!

I've been pointed at the following comics Storyteller's Anonymous, Blotto Street (done by Mab), Life at Bayside, Freefall, and some others. I'm insane after all.After Life of Bob, Pete?. Bacon slicer has a comic. Kiggy's Paradox Trip. A comic called Pillars of Faith if it still exists.
Hmmmm..........I wonder about Godai's comic though.

Bobbins. This was a good comic while it was around but it seems the creator, John Allison, has gone in a new direction. To see what direction this is visit Modern Tales.

Want more? Go to Keenspot or Keenspace! They have great comics that I haven't even seen yet!

Role Playing Game Sites