Hi, Um, this is a new page so don't expect much. Tee-Moss may be a god of communication but even he can get hung up on HTML every now and then. This'll be cleaner later, until then just deal with it.
Here's Zorak.
Here's Zorg from The Fifth Element.
Freaky bytes from a medly made in 1991. The interlude, tha first break and the second break.
Here's an few out-takes from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the chase scene, the song, and the end of the soundtrack.
Here's Steve Martin from Little Shop of Horrors.
This is a piece from the Ruby Rap. A weirdly annoying bit of The Fifth Element.

For you die hard Warcraft 2 fans I've made some new sounds for various things, I hope to make a complete set someday.
None yet though!

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