Okay folks, heres the deal.
I'm a busy man....er...deity, so I can do so much work on the page. Thus I have decided to make this page instead of fixing/finishing everything. Here's what's wrong.

In the Star Wars Area there are two major problems, my Journal is mostly not there (there's an understatement for ya!) on the page of the event. The pictures have almost all been scanned and placed a YEAR AND A HALF LATE.

Ummm...........I know there's a lyrics page in the Piett area that's not proper.

Some of the ICOC Archives aren't functioning properly but I don't know why. I've fixed them a half dozen times!

The Billberg page should be crystal green. I work on it enough. Yes I KNOW the white coat is Leroy, it's a joke kids, deal widdit.

If you have trouble with the Picture Page then try this simple solution. If the graphic is NOT found at TimesSquare/Lair/5127, then copy and paste Area51/Shire/8253 into that area on the address bar to view the picture. Or to be quick try "/loyalfanboy/" or "/pretzelz/"
Actually all the pictures are being moved to a wholly new account, in case there's links I haven't fixed yet go ahead and check http://tee-moss/20Meagsfree.com and the directories, like "/images", there.

Should I find anywhere else that's wrong I'll change it. Thanks.

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