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Billberg University is located somewhere in the Virginia area and is the home of the greatest Science Fiction club of all time, AKA Skiffy. The club that T and many others on the boards attended while at William and Mary University (right?). This page is dedicated to the evergrowing world of Fans. In addition, Billberg is the sister city to Swankytown!
If youre new to Fans! just visit the official site for "The Skinny".

Now that it's explained, let me do roll call. Please note, this is much harder to do now that we've done a crossover with CRFH, It's Walky, and are on Keenspot.

People who work there!

T Campbell, writer and creator (visit his personal site here)
Greg (AKA Maccabee) Eatroff, Editor (and co-writer for now!)
Jason Waltrip, Artist who is now taking a more active part on the boards. FPilot did me a favor and gave some insight into Jason's other work.
Shane and Thor Thorvaldson did the art too during Loving the Alien. We hardly hear from either anymore, unless Thor wants to plug his Golddigger story(not that we mind, heh). Poor Shane never got any respect, but we honor him here for being the first to brave the path of the guest artist (for more than a page Thor) and pave the way for those to come. Thor gets enough credit by the Rumy fans so nyah!
The human stories were helped with by Legace and silversmoke. Besides being a guest artist with her own site, Liuetenant Silversmoke is also a fan. Hence the crown.
Oh, and ther was a flash animation that was assembled by Charles Gnilka.
Maritza Campos because of the CRFH crossovers, Mad Science and The Cruelest Month.
Phantoms was done by Jamie Noguchi, whose manga style is quite a bit darker than Thor's.
Perhaps the most different artist is Andrew Revell. His art adds a gritty realism to the civil war time travel story, "War Between States". Some have complained about the lack of clarity so I have created a page to assist them.
New Stealthy artist Bill Maus has snuck onto the scene during the opening of Dreams Denied. His style is soft and glossy, his gals that've really gotten everyone to stand up and clap! We haven't had a guest artist so well recieved sine Thor, no one's done Rumy as "well" since then either.
The only person whose work has been lauded more than Thor's is David Willis, the creator of It's Walky.
Departures promises three guest artists, including newcomer Dirk Tiede.

Those strange in-betweenees.....

Rumy-Chan, has a webpage. Now known as Union Jackie (since she created the character) she was key in making the musical happen and has her own comic!
Dea Ex Machina, She did the voice for Rumy in the musical.

People who just read it. Location as well.

Archer ----Near the Bronx, New York, USA
Arykus ----Camp Castle, Tonduchon, Kyunggikang, South Korea
Bellebet ----Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Bo Lindbergh
Boss Out of Town ---Chicagoland area, USA
Cookies ----Somewhere near San Francisco, California, USA
Czhorat ----Long Island, New York, USA
David MacGuire
dayf13 ----Ackworth, Georgia
Death of Rats ----Newark, Deleware, USA (soon to be back in Germany)
Einar Loðbrok
Faelyn ----McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, USA
flaryn ---- Santa Carla, California, USA,
Flynn Taggart
FrustratedPilot, AKA FPilot ----The hinterlands of Jefferson County, Tennessee, USA
Godai Yuhsaku ----Akron, Ohio, USA
Bumba Masta ----Switzerland
hi its Brian
Ikari Loona ----Cascais, Portugal
joshlamont -----Springfield, Missouri, USA
Junkyard Dawg
K. Ivan Rupert ----Houston, Texas, USA
KateSith ----Midlothian, Virginia, USA
LordLucan ----Coventry, England (Ohio soon maybe)
Llyweilun ----Schönkirchen which is a little town near kiel, germany
King Leon, AKA KingLeon4/44/2/3 etc...
lordjulius, AKA SteveB/LordJulius2 ----St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Multae Kappae (aka Murasaki/Windcatcher) ----Forest Grove(Near Portland), Oregon, USA
MatteoDL ----Near Verona, Italy
morris 13
Mutttley (AKA, Muttley) ----Bredgar, a small village just outside the town of Sittingbourne in North Kent, UK.
My Name Is Kenny
Nabiki_neumann, AKA
Nodrog, AKA NodrogSkrap ----Florida, USA
pants ---- Poplar Bluff, Missouri, USA
Peanut Butter Monkey ----Columbus, Ohio, USA
Peterman ---- Tvärskog, Sweden
Reverend Aladdin Sane ----Westminster, California, USA
RenGrrl ----Burbank, California, USA (Formerly Ohio)
Ray Radlein
Roscoe Mathieu .
rini ----Denver, Colorado, USA
RJ Shep
Shattered Tower
showler ----Nova Scotia, Canada
Schol-R-LEA ----People's Republic of Berkley
Sebastian ---- Somewhere near the town of Como, Italy
silent watcher
sun tzu ----Grenoble area, French Alps (Pittsburg this summer)
Tom the Fanboy (aka Tee-Moss) ----Forest Grove(near Portland), Oregon, USA
Vallie (aka my fangirl, so she's staying up here!) ----Forest Grove (Near Portland), Oregon, USA
wish, former operator of the #faans chat room.
Yuji 28 Go

Please keep in mind that these are people that have posted on the forum recently (as of just after the It's Walky Crossover, there's a lot more to that list but I've been busy. Here's some honorable mentions/missing persons. Each of these has not posted on the board recently at the time of the update, some have been dropped completely so if you're hurt I didn't mention your contributions then email me.
Alisin, the webmaster of Alisin's Hangout and operator of the #faans chat room. Now Defunct. :(
Aris Katsaris
Brian in Japan
Catz Bartlett
Iron Mike
Jace Draccus
JohnBiles, seems to be a bit of a celebrity! Could it be his fiction?
KLC the Bookworm
Lost Johnny
Lowland Drifter
Michael, .
Nicholas Juzda, has a webpage.
Nathan Alderman
Pete Uleski
Pirate Dave
R Wyatt
Red Viking
Rev. Aladdin Sane
The_Robotic_Fly (honorable mention)
Sprocket, AKA Ciarin/Sprocketman

....................and many more!

So this means we've got fans of Fans! in Canada, Mexico, England, Germany?, Italy, France, Portugal, Australia, Sweden, and from the states of California, Oregon, Illinois, Ohio, Virginia, New York, Texas, Florida, Colorado, and Missouri (10 out of 50) in the USA.

If you're not here and you feel your contribution to our community should be recognized email me! Thank you!

Note: the image represents that that person has won the Mad Theorizer Crown (black or white) and can proudly post these certificates on their homepages. Art by Wish. Steal these graphics and you'll be in BIG trouble! The red C means that these people have webcomics of their own. Click the C to see their comic.

Let's start with the basics. Here is my long awaited secret project! The Fans! Character Database!!!! For all of your easy reference needs!!!

I need to insert my newest part of Billberg here because it merits attention. The Tim Alamin Memorial. Please pay your respects.

Speaking of reference Muttley provided me with this handy dandy menu for viewing the Archives. If you don't like java, here's another option that BoLindbergh whipped up.

The Fans music parodies have been moved to their own album on the Jukebox. To help store my own fan art as well as showcase pieces T hasn't had time to put up, I present the newly opened Billberg Fansipolitan Museum of Art!

Shortly before they made the site earn money, T and Greg released this lovely little story called The Glass Panel. It's Archies, it's elseworlds, it's genre hopping, it's FUN! Please enjoy! BTW, it's here with full permission of the author. It's in multiple parts and the above link is merely "Book One." Here are Book 2, Book 3, and Book 4. All of which will eventually be linked.

It was only a matter of time till we started making our own Top Tens. We'll limit these to the ones we write.

Dogerel of the Fans. Also known as poetry but since when did we have to be clear around here?

What eeevil have we here? Check out what me and Murasaki did with Good ol' Nabiki. Warning, people who are succeptible to puns should procede with caution.

Another eeeeevil contribution from Czhorat this time. Devilishly funny joke here.

In a discussion about the now-online KoDT crossover FPilot made a Fans! Random Encounter Table. My players beware, if you go to Billberg this will be used.

EWHPTIV's Fanfic House of Cards is still going strong and is well into it's fifth chapter. They are presented here in an easy to read chapter by chapter format. Chapter one, chapter two, chapter three, chapter four, chapter five. The latest chapter is coming soon. These chapters will all be fixed when the fanfic is reposted. Sorry for the inconvenience. Note: I'm sorry I haven't fixed House of Cards yet.

Love the Love gives us this touching fanfic titled Don't You Fret. It really helps if you know something about Les Miserables when you read this.

Action Figures??? Has T gone into even more merchandising? Nah, these are just some ideas thrown out by Doublespeak!

Oooh! Here's a cool place with Fans audio files! Best Fishes, just hit "Now Available". Site seems to be moved, any info would be appreciated. Kara, I'm looking at you...

The Fans Questions from the Keenspace forum are being put into a new format so we don't lose them! Muttley was so kind as to sum it up in this post.

The Satellite of Fans is beginning it's work on our first MSTing. Star Wars IV, A New Hope. Come see our minds unravel during the progress. Or maybe just sputter until no one cares anymore. Luckily we've rescued the original MiSTings by T and Greg that they had to dispose of to avoid the looming danger of lawsuits. Hooray for me- er... I mean Billberg!

In reference to the above AND the below I present this small document. It's goal is to educate the curious that wish to participate in the various fanfics that have to do with the SOF.

After much much waiting I have finished compiling a very insane and very fun interactive fanfic that was the bane of the Fans! board. Ladies and Gentlmen, I give you, AUXILERATED!

Here's a Shakespearian fanfic by Chibi. I've only got the prologue so far but I'm willing to wait!

The text-based story Thrown Switch introduced some Fans! Smileys the Bo Lindbergh was good enough to organize.

Love those multiple choice identity quizes? Well now you can find out "Which Fans are You?" thanks to pennyangelos.

Finally finished and now on v1.3. The Fans! Code!

Though the first room failed, Fans! now has a chatroom on Dalnet. It's #faans. This is an IRC chatroom so here's a link to http://mirc.com in case you need it. T Campbell himself has sanctioned this chtroom by blessing it with a visit once or twice with his presence.
The chatroom s also the home of the Alisin and wish Fan Club Join today! Members currently include Wish, Alisin, and Tom the Fanboy!

Ya know, it shouldn't be suprising. Here we have the The Guild of Evil Cartoonists of which T Campbell is OF COURSE a member! Er...I mean NOT a member! Yeah.....

And finally, because the power of Keen compelled me.
A special message from Maritza Campos:
If you ask ME, I'm mad at T. Campbell for making me hate weekends.

*shakes fist at T.Campbell*

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