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OK, If you're here you're probably either to curious for your own sanity or you're one of the people from the original Palladium Rifts Bulletin Board. This information is from the first life of Swankytown. New updates may now be required.

For those of you who don't know, here is a quick roll call of the first lords of Swank in the first Age of Swankytown (so pages and emails may be old):
Anubis Xy: King of Swankytown and evil necromancer type guy.
Anya: Queen of Swankytown, holder of the kickin' crown of Swank, and commander of the Sailor Scouts.
Edopode: Lord High Regent of the swankiest half of Swankytown.
Tee-Moss: High Lord of Hyperspace, Vice Leader of Swankytown, Big BadVoodoo Daddy of Swankytown, and person in charge of the second swankiest half of Swankytown.
Maverick: Leader of the town formerly known as Hipville, now the sherriff of Swankburbia.
Wolfe: Leader of the Vagabond hordes.
Gideon: High commander of the SWANK force and really together guy. Gideon's Bar and Grill.
Orion:Lord of the smurfs in his pocket that know all the secrets of the universe.
Gryphon:Not-So-Swanky Leader of the unswanky 'burbs. OR Chancellor of the Swankburbia.
Aura:Royal Enchantress of Swank. Aura's silly RPG page.
Lady Bearkiller:Grand High Executioner of SwankyTown and Councilor Prime to the Queen. Owner of the Swanky-Slick Stick of Smiting.
Johnny Canuck:Honorary Citizen Swankybanker, and the head of the Canadian Swanky Anti-Defamation League! Also the "Pending Official Canadian Palladium Mascot"
Flash Fighter: Swankytown's King of Swing and doer of things on Ooga Booga Island. (spelling?)
Min_Mei: Swanky Damsel in distress.
Mudane: Rude boy and Swank Meister wanna be.
BazookaMon: King of Ooga Booga Island.
Ottergame: God Maze Lutrain, Defender of Swankytown.
Riknonian: Titleless Swank citizen. The Rikonian Kingdoms.
Dr. Victor Russof:King of Porn.
Rodimus:Royal Counselor of Swankytown.
Cybermessiah: Interdimensional killjoy and whipping boy. (heeheeheehee!) Also the commander of the Teamster armies.
Sven the Mad: Inventor of non fashion.
Teese Cannon: White-Wolf refugee and High Priest of the Magic 8 Ball. Those were the first Lords, now there appears a new Life for swankytown as it gains it's own place in the Megaverse. There shall be a need for a new list of Lords. Though I suspect that these new posters do not have the same manner of Swank as the first lords did. Their power comes from WAR ITSELF. So this is where the Darkness drove my beloved Swankytown....
Anubis Xy
Maxius, Owner of the SDF4


Swankytown is gone but it's legacy lives on here at the swankcenter. To view it's illustrious history simple go to the Legend of Swankytown.

Swanky Story of Anubis Xy. I re-captioned this story so it could be more amusing to you all.

Here is Anubis Xy's interpretation of my other story, "Faith".

Here we come to the real reason I made this page. One string on the board was/is the Vagabond Uprisings. Here we see the story unfold from Update 1-10.
Vagabond Uprising 1. The vagabonds begin their rampage.
Vagabond Uprising 2. The vagabonds continue brawling.
Vagabond Uprising 3. The vagabonds drink more beer.
Vagabond Uprising 4. The vagabonds do both.
Vagabond Uprising 5. The vagabonds battle dragons.
Vagabond Uprising 6. The vagabonds battle psychics.
Vagabond Uprising 7. The vagabonds enjoy success.
Vagabond Uprising 8. The CS makes a bold statement.
Vagabond Uprising 9. The vagabonds make peace.
Vagabond Uprising 10. A new chapter begins.
It seems people got bored with the concept from this point on.

I have no idea what the hell this is but Rikonian wrote it, it's long, and implies there's more.
Chapter One

Aura wrote this touching story and I sincerely hope she finishes it. It is called "Love Conquers All".
Part 1

Ever wonder what kind of commercials they have in Rifts?

Here is an episode of the Power Puff Girls, as written by Anubis Xy to include us posters.

As with Power Puff Girls, Anubis has done his necromantic magic upon Star Wars. Here is his first submission (not that the king would submit).

Part One.
Part Two.
Part Three.

Rikonian has become a great deal more swanky by writing MSTings for each of Anubis' Star Wars posts.
Part One.
Part Two.
Part Three.

Now AnubisXy has brought us the next installment in the series! The Empire Swanks Back! At least the first part of it anyway.
Part One.

You may be wondering about Swankytown's fate. Well it will always live on here at least. I hope that someday we can return triumphanltly and enjoy our swankiness once more.
Until then you can feel free to to visit Swankytown's sister city, Billberg! My love for Palladium also lives on! Just check out my latest project, the Ramon Perez Fan Club!

To find out about SwankyTown's namesake, just check out Swankytown!

And of course here is our patron page, the Rifts forum at Palladium.

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