I am old.

Older then you'll ever be friend.

But I'm not bragging, it's just that when you see friends twisted and broken, your family gone long ago, worlds crushed by their own power..........you get a little calloused to the evils of this life.

Then again, callouses get shorn.

I suppose I'm being to mystical eh? I've heard that's an Eldar trait. Anyway let me tell you a bit about my companions, who, well..... aren't here.

I am Svarnen, or as they call me "Old Man". I am part of the group that destroyed Alex Kays the first time he tried to take over the world. The others were MArtial Westwind, Saiyo, Stromm, and Zenda. I'm sure we'll all meet up soon and find the next battle field.

Until then I'll just sit here and enjoy the chance to take a break. 1