This page is not meant as a slight against people of sexual orientation other than hetero. The contents of this page is examples of Imperial officers (or others) who demonstrate efeminant mannerisms or other behaviors which are commonly associated with the stereotypical homosexuals. Having said this......

Welcome to the Gay Imperial Page!
______Throughout the Star Wars Universe (the trilogy, novelizations, comics, etc.) there can be found a type character known to some as "The Gay Imperial". The most obvious example of a Gay Imperial (or GImp) is in Star Wars: A New Hope during the initial stages of Leia's rescue. Upon entering the detention level, the officer on duty looks up at them and with a curl of his thin lips he sneers "Where are you taking this.....thing?" And boom! The first Gay Imperial is introduced to the world! From the moment my collegues and I discovered this we have been cataloguing the gay Impreials in both of the other Star Wars movies. The first GImp noticed by us is Lt. Shann Childsen seen here in his own Star Wars CCG card.

The card itself represents him as a bully, but when we see the thin lips curls at the sight of Chewbacca and the breathy contempt in his voice we see he is truly a GImp.

______Not only have these limp-wristed officers spread throughout Star Wars, but they can be found in other types of media as well. Star Trek, there a a few Cardassians and Dominion personel that fit the requirements. GImps need not be human or even imperial, the only requirements are the character must be exhibit some kind of stereotypical homosexual characteristic, be male, and hold some position of power (whether it political office, military status, or a position in the aristocracy).
______A clear example of this are Prince Humperdink and Count Rugen in the movie The Princess Bride. The pair even wear matching outfits throughout the movie, based on food couplings. They start with Jelly and Marmalade, go to ketchup and mustard, switch, and end with salad and blue cheese dressing.
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