Welcome to the page which is solely devoted to the chronicling of Tom and Ian's adventure with the
STAR WARS FAN Celebration

________Below are links to each entry in my journal of the adventure. Beginning with the day I found out and ending near the end of the journey home. Each entry represents a unit of time which varies from entry to entry.
Entry 1 Tom and Ian begin their adveture.
Entry 2The real planning begins.
Entry 3 Greyhound tickets finalized
Entry 6Reservations.
Entry 7The trip Begins
Entry 8Leaving Portlandia
Entry 9Captain Festus
Entry 5Hermitage Station
Entry 11Pasco Station
Entry 12ISD Spokane
Entry 13Coer D'Elaine
Entry 14Kellog Station
Entry 15The Wallace Maneuver
Entry 16Idaho Sector
Entry 17St. Regis Station
Entry 18Dullard Pad
Entry 19Anaconda Spaceport
Entry 20Butte Spaceport
Entry 21The Nebula
Entry 22VSD Billings
Entry 23Approaching Denver
Entry 24The Celebration
Entry 25The Celebration
Entry 26The Celebration
Entry 27Leaving Denver
Entry 28Grand Junction Spaceport
Entry 29Captain Grey
Entry 30Leaving Salt Lake
Entry 31VSD Boise
Entry 32Portlandia Revised

________On this journey I accumulated many different pictures of myself, Ian, and other things of interest. To see them alone, click here.

________Here are the accumulated links which helped me to finish this adventure successfully.

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