__________You walk into a dimly lit, two story pub and are greeted by a friendly human barkeep. He waves you over to him and offers you a drink. You politely decline for the moment and look around at the strange patrons of the bar. The barman nods and tends to other people who sit at the bar

__________A raggedy bearded man sits alone at one table. He wears an old suit of sailing armor with patches and strips of cloth covering it. "Come on over here and I'll tell ye about MY native land! There ain't no place you'll go to quite like Eularia!"The other patrons of the bar seem less enthusiastic towards your compny but they would probably be just as willing to spin you a yarn from their travels if you asked.

At another table is a youngish looking man in a dark trench coat who is busily looking over notes. He glances up at you and shrugs, perhaps he's not as busy as he seems.

__________At another table there are a group of oddly dressed people. One wears an ankle length white jacket and a cap with a pretzel emblem on it. Another is dressed in denim pants, a brown jacket, and a shirt which reads "Haulk's Bay Football". The third person at the table wears a stylish black suit and a red tie. This man is hand cuffed to a suitcase bearing an insignia of snake within a hexagon. The final person at this table is a woman in what looks like armor that has been fashioned out of various pieces of junk. On her shoulder plate (a piece of tire rubber) is a wooden ring with a rock suspended in it's middle.

__________ Alone in a corner of the tavern in a mysterious cloaked figure. As you look at him he removes his hood and reveals a clean shaven face of 40 year old man. His hair and eyebrows are shock white. His eyes however seem to be centuries older than his face or hair show due to the wisdom and insight they hold. Upon his right hand there is a twined silver ring that glows with a pale golden light. These features and the sturdy wooden staff beside his table show him to be a very powerful wizard.

__________A raucous laughter come from a booth on the right hand side of the entrance. There you see a red bearded dwarf slapping the back of a young male elf. The two of them are sitting across from a a young man and woman dressed somewhat like gypsies. Between the two pairs there sits a man dressed in a very nice blue suit. Spread out on the table is a map titled "Oregon".

Across the bar at the on the other side of the room stands a brightly lit jukebox. You doubt that it will play any top 40 songs but it may be some good music. Beside it you see another Jukebox that seems to be shrouded in shadow, as if it's not really part of the scenery.

A broad shouldered man in a business suit brushes past you as he leaves his table. You can see that he's left his briefcase open, there is a slight glow coming from the video screen within. Next to his brief case there is a plain tan folder labelled IC/OC.You can probably sneak a peak before he gets back from making his selections on the Jukebox.

__________Getting tired of standing you move towards an empty seat and the nearest person decides that you want to hear all of the great stories they have to tell you.

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