Quotes Galore!


1Why hold your own when thereís somebody ready

and willing to hold it for you?

2If you pick something up, be sure to put it
down in the right place.

3If you donít have to, and you donít want to, donít.

4Every thing makes sense if you know how to
understand it.

5Even a dog turd looks apetizing from the right angle.

6Open minds are better than open legs.

7The fence is sometimes more dangerous than

that which it separates.

8Everything has a grain. Whether you cut with it or

against it is up to you.

9If you donít feel good, get a good feel.

10Some is better than none.

11 More is good, all is better.

12 Absolute Power corrupts absolutely so let people

choose their own condiments.

13 A switch to lime tastes fine.

14 Adaptation is the key to life.

15 Stubbornness makes the best lock.

16 All things can be yours in time.

17Donít look a dead horse in the mouth.

18 Never let ignorance be a choice.

19 You think, Therefore I am.

20 Spread honey, not shit.

21 Donít be ashamed of your goods, be ashamed of
your actions.

22 Beware the man who loves nothing, for love is allegiance.

23The fool loves few things, the buffoon loves all things.
Only the wise are even with their loves.

24Look into the pretzel and see the truth.

25Balance chivalry and equality and ye shall be welcome.

26Disobediance without respect is rebellion.

27Humor your leaders, Humor your followers,
Humor your peers; but only reveal the truth to
lovers and enemies.

28Aliens must earn trust. Citizens must keep it.

29Reduce a traitorís trust accordingly, be not quick

to remove it wholly.

30Pigeons are not holed simply because of their ignorance.

31Pat them on the head while you kick them in the butt.

32Everything can be something unexpected.

33Suspect the generous but never question them.

34No matter your strength.

35A limp dick is a pisser.

36All answers lead to questions.

37All things Blow

38All Vacuums shall be filled

39All Judges shall be on trial.

40 All things erode, it is your duty to rebuild.

41The hand does not always show the heart and
only sometimes shows the mind.

42The Mind Thinks. The Body Feels. The Heart Loves.
The Soul Faiths.

43Atrophy can be found in all things, beware itís
withering touch.

44Power is vulgar without legitimacy.

45 Fat is like a suit of plate mail. It can guard from
killers and it can drown you with itís weight.

46The strongest weapon is the mind. The strongest
chain is the Soul. The strongest temptation is the
Body. The strongest Motivator is the heart

47Matter without energy is just a waste of space.

48Mirrors reflect more than light.

49Omega walks among you.

50Blessed are the obscure, For they shall have the
answer while others are silent.

51Blessed are the scrounges, for their pockets shall be full
when othersí are empty.

52Blessed are the entertainers, for they shall be amused
by others when their rest comes.

53Blessed are the easily amused, for while others weep
they shall smile.

54Blessed are the unjustly accused, for vengeance shall
come in time.

55Blessed are the patient, For when their time comes it
shall be sweeter than honey.

56Blessed are the curious, For they shall rise above
the ignorant.

57Blessed are the steadfast, For though broken and battered
when their wounds heal they shall be stronger than their

58Blessed are the multi-faceted, For in all places they are able to fit.

59Blessed are the flexible, For they shall not fall like a tree in the wind.

60Blessed are the insane, for they are not blamed for their works.

61Gold glistens but silver saves.

62No matter what the shell, consider carefully the core.

63Balance your senses and focus as necessary.

64Your face will not stay that way but the memory remains.

65Sloth is the bain of tradition.

66If itís on display, itís gonna get looked at.

67Duck calls bring ducks, Moose calls bring Moose.

68No matter what it is, if it doesnít belong inside you,

it has to come out.

69When you put things in your mouth, it matters less

where theyíve been and more what they were doing there.

70Beware the deer which leads with the wrong foot,

but the wolf that leads with the right one is your friend.

71Darkness is not always the absence of light.

72Only carry useful baggage.

73If possession is 9/10, Power is the other tenth.

74 Somone is always watching you, whether they can

see you or not.

75 The best way to cover your tracks is not to make any.

76 When the hounds are gaining, drop the rabbit and keep on running.

77 Ignorance festers without wisdomís cleansing.

78 The face of good and the face of evil are often the same.

79 Numbers are mostly coincidence, but some have

influence unfathomable.

80 Thorneless roses are short lived.

81 Only settle for the best when itís paid for by the rest.

82 It doesnít matter what you say, it matters what you hear.

83 Two may look at the same object, but the mind decides

what each sees.

84Know the answer that they want, but donít always

give it to them.

85Never become wiser than you are comfortable.

86The use of water is the use of life. Death is common

but murder is wasteful

87Cowards may be poor but they can spend what little

gold they have.

88Use what you make.

89Interdependence is no excuse for sloth.

90 The difference between.

91Healing the healthy is like killing the dead. Sometimes

it just has to be done.

92Never trust a mind reader.

93One should neither trust nor doubt the power of inconsistency.

94If youíre backed into a corner, thatís two sides you

donít have to worry about.

95Iam not the first. I am not the last. Mine is the prize

of anonymity. A prize of use mysterious.

96Bitter inconsistency is a volatile cocktail, one drunk

often by Tee-Moss.

97Change is the only constant.

98Save not your money in holed purses but spend
it immediately on a new one.

99What is stolen shall be lost.

100If you interpret text, know what language it is written in.

101 It is better to live in a false Utopia than to be

satisfied with nothing less than the real thing.

102When on the brink, it is wise to cling to anything, even

BR>if it is a single blade of grass. Just as long
as it wonít come loose.

103In all things, know when to be the rock and

when to be the water.

104 Only turn your back on the attention mongers, all else
will still be there when you return. If you return.

105 Thieves keep, Scrounges return.

106If you never come down off your ivory tower you won't know what they see when they look up.

107 Science don't know, God said so.

108 Your strings ,ay save you when you fall, but be sure they're not tied in a noose.

109 Mean or nice, it comes back twice.

110 Salt is best when on pretzels, not brains.

Other People's Quotes.

Russel Beyer-We donít share! We conquer!

Said to Melvin in "As Good As It Gets"-The best thing

you have going for you is your willingness

to humiliate yourself.

Ian Larson-Shhhhh..you'll wake the dead.

Sean -Why aren't we there yet???!
Tom Munkres-Because there is very far away.
Ian Larson-There is farther away than any place we've ever been.

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