__________Hello there! So, you wanna know about PIS huh? Well I suppose I can trust ya with SOME information. Heh, even if I couldn't, there's only so much you could do to PIS on your own.

__________Anyway, PIS has been around since about 1951. The letters stand for Profesional Information Service. What we do is gather information through as many means as possible, organize it, and sell it to those individuals who, ahem, need it. Spying is such an ugly word. Besides, No-one trusts spies. PIS is trusted by nearly every member of the United Nations as a top notch information source. This is something we pride ourselves on, by not aligning ourselves with any specific nation, we keep our information 99.9% true. It would be 100% but, again, we must be accurate.

__________Another reason that we are trusted so much is that we have been around so long. For the past 150 years we have been gathering information on nearly every political and business organization in the world. Though PIS will sell information to anyone, we will withhold information from a party should it prove that said information's release would create a threat to PIS. This process also works in reverse, PIS will release information if to do otherwise would endanger PIS's interests. Some may call this blackmail, but we like to think of this as survival.

__________Of course, that doesn't have much to do with me. I just work at a small branch office on the Oregon Coast. A little post-quake town called Haughlk's Bay (pronounced Hawlks, sort of a half swallow sound). The name comes from Reggie Haughlk, the town's founder. In the Quake of '28, The West coast was rearranged. Many of the area's refugees gathered at Haughlk's Ranch, which was now Ocean front property, and began to rebuild. Now the town is home to the average coastal businesses; Fishing, Tourism, etc. But the main reason that PIS has set up a branch office there is the Oceanic Archaeology Research Center (OARC) and the three chemical companies that have set up research and development plants in the connecting valley. OARC is a scientific organization whose goal is to explore the ruins of the West Coast and collect data on the victims of the 'quake. The three chemical companies are Phish Enterprises, JFY Organization, and WongCo. These are global rivals who fiercely compete with one another. Why they have all chosen Haughlk's Bay as their new R/D site is still a mystery, just another reason for PIS to be here. 1