Hey! Fatty! Your computer is so slow! You have time to read this!!! Mwa ha ha ha!!!!
Hello! If you want to use Tee-Moss' Jukebox then you'll have to bring me the Head of SPACE GHOST!!!!!

What's that? Space Ghost's big fat head is to heavy for you to carry?
Then I guess I can let you click on these links to read the lyrics. Heh heh heh heh!

Album 01: Player Piett
01 Hit the Floor Oz
02 Vader
03 Imperial Life
04 Sweet Home Executor
05 Sith Lord
06 Convoy
07 The Force Will Go On
08 The Power of the Force
09 Brandy
10 The Heart of a Sith Lord

Album 02:Laws of the Naught
01 There is No Violence in the Ellysium
02 Hi, My ghoul is...
03 Vampstar
04 What's my sect again?
05 I wish they all could be Camarilla ghouls
06 My Sire is Crazy
07 One Ghoul in My Pocket
08 Malkav Number 5
09 The Discipline of Silence
10 For Your Blood
11 Humanity (What is it good for?)
12 I'm a Ghoul
13 Ain't Got No Blood Beads

Album 03:The Book of Naught
01 Malkavian Rhaphsody
02 It's not Supernatural
03 Ode to Balefire
04All the Malkies
05 Regnant Number 5
06Three Little Ventrue Ghouls
07I'm the Real Dutton
09 Feed It
10 The Malkavian Clan Anthem
11 Set Save the Clan
12 World of Darkness
13 Call Me Sir

Album 03:Grooves of the Naughty Mother
1 Club Neo-Carthage

Album 04:Phase Funk and Grover Grooves
01 TrollHammer
02 Truffles for Nothing
03 I'm Blue Sexy
04 Bots
05 Level Five
06 Higher Umbra
07 When you Game
08 Enter SAMAS (Tom's)
09 Waghwitdawagh (Finally Up!!!)
10 Enter SAMAS (Steve's)
11 Unskilled Vagabond
12 Satyr Fair
13 Couldn't Roll High

Album 05:Fans of Fans! Fabulous Filks
2 Spideyman
3 Posting Past Midnight
5Fans Company
6 Lance's Lament
7 I write the 'fics

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