Ones who could have been Queen

Yes, it's true. In the days before I met Her, there were others who drew my fancy. Though none measure up to Her sublime perfection they are all jewels in their own right. Here you may see them and learn why they come closer to Her than others.

Betty Hallock
My first. She inspired the fanboy in me. I became officially obsessed with her and the name "Betty" after I named a third character Betty. She was an editor for Video Games Magazine, which became Video Games and Computer Entertainment, and then mysteriously disapeared. If only I could find out what happened to her and the magazine that used to have an office in Beverly Hills... If I ever found her I may have to choose between them....... *gulp* Better to concentrate on my Queen lest she think me unfaithful!!!

The Amazing Honey
She's beautiful and from what I've seen quite intriguing and charming. She could be considered just another pretty face but she does in fact represent a pinacle of beauty. If only my Queen's metabolism weren't so high.....

Janeane Garafalo
Charming and witty and so intelligent. Her looks are along the lines of mediocrity I often enjoy but her lacklusterness is disheartening.

Lisa Loeb
Dubbed the "Geek Girl" look, the black hair and horn-rimmed glasses have always been an attractor for me since I saw Betty.

Christina Ricci
One of the main reasons she's failed to measure up is her measurements. They got the attention of so many men that her magic was lost. I prefer Wednesday Addams' charm to the slutty little thing she's become. Not that I mind the view......


Intriguingly foreign and adorably cute. She is the siren of the Arctic that calls out to my mind and bids it to bop along with the techno-pop beat that is her companion.

Drew Barrymoore
A superstar actress that I've enjoyed ever since we both were kids. I suppose that it was her role in "The Wedding Singer" that got my attention and reminded me how cute she is. Especially with that cute little double chin that you see every now and then. Much cuter than those other two stick-angels.

Apollo Smile
Live Action Anime Girl extraordinaire! I spotted her first on Sci-Fi and then hunted down her fansite shortly before it vanished. She's bouncy, fun, and would play my Queen wonderfully in the next Batman flick.

She's good, she's evil, she's a net-girl, she's a witch, and she's the sidekick ya just can't beat! Her darkside is the reason I got into Buffy in the first place. Unfortunately I was too late to see season two; which had........

Spike's love and creepy vamp extraordinaire. I never saw her until they did a bunch of flashbacks this current season.

The fangirl of cult scinema. "When the whole thing all began, she was a regular Frankie fan...." I mean c'mon! Her death is the only thing that ever made me side against Riff. She was such a darling!

Spastic, goofy, and great hair. She adds the female atraction to Goats that I'd hoped for since I began sifting through their archives.

Though I'd hate to be her beaux, she is the most intelligent and together person in all of Ranma 1/2.

Lady Jaye
The old GI Joe cartoon had few women in it but each was fine in her own way. I suppose it was the butch haircut that made her my favorite. A close second to the Baroness.

The hypersensual alien thief on Farscape, she twitches and writhes in such a desirable fashion and manages to maintain her perfect front of craftiness. She's the show's most sensual character but she's so GOOD at it that there's plenty for all. The owners are tricky so go see them for a full glimpse.

I refuse to believe she's a lesbian. I'll bet she's gotten pretty pissed over the years after all those accusations. Jinkies. What a catch phrase.

The spectacled girl frrom Peanuts. Another supposed lesbian but I find it a bit more likely than Velma. I still respect the way she stick by Patty, its a kind-of fanboy empathy.

As you can understand, I'm having a bit of trouble fitting in these file organizations into my worship schedule.

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