Guys who are never going to be as cool as my Queen because they're guys but are still better than average and therefore worth paying attention to.

OK, I'm not a fangirl so I'll make this quick. These are males and others whom I think are cool but not fully desrving of my fandom because they are guys. Now do keep in mind that I'm not neccesarily a fan of all these guys but I do like them. If I took the time I could organize a list but who has the time when there's a goddess right upstairs!!!

Richard O'Brian
Riff Raff in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Mr. Hand in Dark City, and the head of the Thief's Guild in Dungeons and Dragons. He's the most excellent creepy actor there is and he's got such style!

Weird Al" Yankovich
He's hilarious and he's a genius!

Snake Eyes
The coolest of all the Joes. He dressed in black, he was silent, he had a pet wolf, and he never slept. How much cooler can you get?

Seth Green
He's played several different parts but his role as "the teenaged rebel who's a big slacker" is his main role. It's kinda tiring but he does it so well!!!

King Zeppo of the Buffyverse. With some of the best quotes he's super keen and dorky all in one.

Boba Fett
With more comebacks than Cher, you just can't keep a good bountyhunter down!

Admiral Piett
That's right, ADMIRAL! He earned that title dang it! He lived through the Empires's Darkest time andmade it to his secret escape pod. I refuse to believe he's dead.

Gogo the Goat
That's right! A goat! A short lived but crazy "Rudy and Gogo's World Famous Cartoon Show" featured Gogo the goat and a bunch of puppets using special cheap effects in great ways and singing memorable songs like "May flaming cheeseballs be forgot" and "Gogo para presidente!" was greatly enjoyed by me.

Y'know, the guy on Blue's Clues? I have an amazing deal of respect for a guy that spends all day with a camera man in a bluescrren studio and talks to imaginary cartoons. He writes and directs to!

Kevin Smith
Much more than Silent Bob this man is a film god. He is a fabulous writer no matter what the critics or studios think. His "Jersey Series" of films reflects a lot more about his life than most film makers can say in their whole career. Who cares if it's not "visually dynamic"?

He always had his blanket and he never let Lucy gett him down (that much) and he had Chuck's sister hitting on him all the time!

As you can understand, I'm having a bit of trouble fitting in these file organizations into my worship schedule.

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