An Ode to Miz H by Tom

Oh Harley Quinn!
Where to begin!
To not love you would be a sin!

These words of mine can barely say,
the love I've had since that first day,
I heard your voice mewl "Mistah Jay."

Oh how I long to be with you!
To feel my head beneath your shoe!
Or have eyes see three or two!

As long as you hit me I'd be fine!
For I know it's merely your design,
to kick me in my sore behind.

Long to your image I have knelt,
At your glance my heart does melt!
I'd surely die if your touch I felt!

I can't describe just what I feel,
when I see you 'neath the Joker's heel.
My hatred burns and my mind does wheel.

I'd quickly do away with him,
He'd float among the seraphim,
if't were to be your slightest whim.

But as in all things you are true,
and though it makes your servant blue,
'tis him who owns the heart of you.

But if there every comes a time,
when you ditch that ungrateful slime,
simply give your servant a chime.


A Harley Limerick by Tom

There once was a girl named Harleen
Who I've always enjoyed having seen
But that's not the point
I'm not here to anoint
So I guess in frustration I'll scream.

There once was a girl named Quinzelle
And mental advice she did sell
Till one fateful day
She got whisked away
By a man who was trapped in his cell.

There was a beautiful girl
Not just a cutie, a pearl
He doesn't respect her
And always neglects her
Though her at his slightest whim she would whirl.

That is the singular reason
That I've not liked him since the season
That she was with him
Looking perfect and slim
In an outfit that some would call treason.

But I am resigned to my fate
I know that I will never date.
The love of my life,
The easer of strife,
The one clear good choice for a mate.

So I serve her however I can.
For I am a good loyal man.
Just in case there's a day,
That somehow and someway,
Harley Quinn ever visits this land.

Now if you're done reading my poetry you can go back.

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