Yes! The fateful day when I, thomas Munkres was able to purchase the rare and beuatiful Harley Quinn action figure! It began a month earlier, I was with my friend and ex-psychiatrist Ian shopping for comics here and I spotted it high on the rack, A Figure of my Queen! I'd have bought it then and there except I had not the money and Ian convinced me that if I took it now They'd take it away but if I bought it later they wouldn't. This was before they put me in this ward at Arkhum, when they'd let me out once every four months to see how well I reacted to the real world. This was, unfortunately, the last time.

But that doesn't matter! Ian drove me there and She was carefully hidden away on a back shelf so that none but the loyal employees could see her. I told the sales clerk to bring my Queen to me and had Ian take this picture when I finally paid them the ridiculously low price (12 dollars! They obviously don't understand her). However shortly after wards the employee took her from my and attempted to put her in a bag. Needless to say, when Ian dragged me back to his apartment an hour afterwards and washed the blood off me, he wasn't happy. Before taking me back to my cell however Ian did allow this picture to be taken. I know I'm not even in sight of that level of beauty but it's a tribute.

Here is where Private Ricky now stands, guarding her vigilantly. As he shall until he must leave her side momentarily to help me punish infidels.

I would step away from him now lest he beat you.

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