What are you doing in here!?!?!? OUT OUT I SAY!!!!!!!!!! Come not between fanboy and his Queen if you value your life!!!!!!

*You enter a dark damp cell on the East side of Arkham Asylum's Mid-level ward.There is a long haired lad of 20 sitting at the cell's cluttered desk. On the walls are pasted pictures, articles, and other things pertaining to (if vaguely) the red-and-black-heart-attack herself, Harley Quinn.*
*absently rumaging though newspaper clippings and drawings* You know I saw her once! She was walking by my cell on a tour of Arkham when she first got hired here. *turns* Who woulda guessed she'd turn into the most beautiful creature on the planet?! Well, anyway, I've been here in my cell, Inmate 4441, and boy am I glad I'm here.
Ya see, this wasn't originally my cell. I used to be down on the North side of the building until the bat *twitch* got Freeze. They had to put a whole bunch of pipes and stuff into my cell so I got moved over here. And joy of joys guess what I found! There's this air vent here.*leaning in conspiritorilarly* And through it I can hear things up in the Maximum Security Ward! Ya know, where they keep the big tough supervillain types? You can still see a leaf sticking out of it from one of Ivy's plants! Anyway, turns out that my cell is below, DIRECTLY below that of Harleen Quinzel herself!!!!!!
*hugs himself and grins looking at the ceiling and rocking back and forth for a few seconds* She's up there.....right this minute!.................

What you're still here? Well.....Hmm...perhaps I can let you look around my cell, BUT DON'T MESS WITH ANYTHING! *turning aside to talk to scraped up bowling pin with an army hat hanging off of it.* Private Ricky! Keep an eye on him! Now that you're back from shore leave you'll be well rested.

To see my pictures click here! These aren't just pics I've stolen from other pages, to see those pick a link. These are ones I've either scanned or taken myself. Well....there may be SOME from other sites, but only a few.

Here's the sounds I've snagged that catch my fancy in particular. I Loooooooooove to hear my Queen's voice!

In case you doubt my devotion to the Comedic Queen of the Night (way better title than "the clown prince" that's for sure!) then just read some of the poems that I've dedicated to my Love!

In fact! I love her so much! I am slowly building a Windows Theme based around Harley Quinn. To see what's already designated or just what I use then click on the word "am" earlier in the sentence. Oops! Didn't notice the period! You'll have to go to the sentence just before the one I told you to go to. Sorry for the confusion.

On a hallowed place among the clutter you spy a rare Harley Quinn action figure guarded by Private Ricky.*

Sometimes when I'm good the guards allow me to go down to the lounge and look at internet stuff. When I can, I always go to these sites. They're Harley's of course!
Harley's Cell. Who'da thought that in just a few clicks through cyberspace I, Thomas Ross Munkres! Could enter the cell of my idol herself!? Not only that, but look!

She noticed!!!!!!
See!? my empress above gave me this award!

Oh what a glorious day! Perhaps now we can finally be together!
Haven of Hedonism. Someone out there crashed this site. If I ever find this person....grrrr....well, let's just say that Private Ricky will be working over time. *pats the bowling pin confidently on it's Army hat*
Chris's Harley Site. Very nice, very nice. Well I should say it's nice for a "fan" of Harley, not a fanatique such as myself.
Harley's Time-out. Love the video.
Lita's Harley Temple. ooohhhh.....WELL worth a visit. In fact. Go worship Harley and leave me.....alone. *looks back up at ceiling*
Harley's Haven I'd join her club if they ever let me out of this place.
Haven't looked yet.
Haven't looked yet.

It seems...it seems this place is a bit more complicated.

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