West Side Rumors

As of the Date in Game (4/4/01)

This is information that all vampires on the West Side would know.

Beaverton is run by the Camarilla. Last summer they took control of the town back from the Sabbat and don't plan on letting it go again.
Hillsboro is populated with Anarchs and a handful of independents (both kindred of non sect clans and kindred of Camrilla clans who are not members). Their influence strecthes to parts of Cornelius, North to Sunset highway, and then blurs against the Camarilla in Beaverton.
Forest Grove and Cornelius (School District 15 is the unofficial border) are both ruled by an Independant Ventrue named Arturo the VI. He came to power when his companion Elektra fell to the Sabbat. She had taken over the domain by slaughtering the former Camarilla Prince Elizabeth over a centuries old vendetta. Arturo's origins and political affiliation are unknown, he promises it will be dealt with at the coming Conclave. The two new Princes have not changed the other members of the court. Aerion DeCelante remains Keeper of Elysium, Charissa Bronwyn is Harpy, and Mark Dutton is Sheriff (with the anarch Lasombra Donny Libizi and Inique Crucianez serving as deputies until he returns). The conclave put the Ventrue, Nathan Redman in place as the court's seneschal to assure that Arturo's participation in the coterie did not leave his domain open to Anarchs or other threats.
There are three other groups of independents in the area. Two of them are groups of Gangrel. They are usually refered to as Packs (no Sabbat connection). There is the Sunset Pack (or North Pack), which lives in the hills and woods to the north of Highway 26 as well as the Forest Park or the West Hills. North Pack is mostly made up of former members of the Portland domain who felt no need to remain in the city after their clan cut ties with the sect, their leader remains Hans Vernon, the former primogen. The other is to the south and is called the Bald Peak Pack (or South Pack), since they roam the grounds of the rural wilderness between Hillsboro and Newberg. However the members of the Bald Peak Gangrel have been dropped to only two due to the actions of the now dead Sabbat leader Inez. The general political outlook for them has only become more isolationist since then.
The other is a small group known as the Independant Council that has claimed Aloha as it's territory. This coterie is made of a couple anarchs, several independants, and two Camarilla vampires. Mox Allen Dale serves as the Camarilla representative there. They hope to be able to solidify their borders with the Camarilla of Beaverton as well as the Anarchs in Hillsboro. They also hope to become part of the Alliance against the Sabbat to get protection from the other factions. Among their number are a pair of notable Assamites who sought membership in the Camarilla and were denied by the local Princes.
The Sabbat has a minimal ammount of influence in Washington County. They infest the South East corner and control Tualitin. They held sway over Tigard until recently when the Alliance Coterie managed a victory over them. Now all that remains is a small pack that is believed to be lurking in the residential areas. Tualatin has also been found oddly quiet and a coming meeting may shed light on this.

Dutton Securities has opened up and is offering discrete security and special discounts for kindred interested in their services. Mark Dutton himself is officially afiliated with the domain of Forest Grove. They have a new office in Tigard to help secure the Camarilla presence. The infamous anarch Lasombra Donny Libizi and Inique Crucianez manage parts of this company.

GoSH Chemicals, a company run by a pair of Ventrue from Eugene and Billings, has opened up in the area. It has become a contractor for the local electronic companies to offer them discount prices for their chemical solvent needs. Due to the struggling market in electronics, many companies are taking advantage of this offer. Intel and Merix being two of the larger companies to take this offer. GoSH Chemicals has declared interest in working with the metal fabrications firms in Tigard now that that territory has opened up.

The Alliance now has a Thaumaturgically Warded safe house north of Hillsboro, the wards are designed to keep out Werewolves and some other manner of creatures. The old wards securing the house against other kindred have been broken, the reason being most of the participants in that ceremony are dead. The Tremere will likely to be claiming this property as theirs now that Nick has gone away but may allow it to be used for Alliance purposes.

The Alliance coterie has thus far proved successful and is responsible for the verified final deaths of no less than 25 Sabbat Vampires and 7 lupines! Only five members of the coterie have died in their work so far. The general attitude is that the coterie is doing well. However most take this as a sign that they can get back to their own business as usual. The coterie has seemingly secured Tigard and now, a week after the conclave, will begin making moves upon Tigard to secure the rest of the territory that lies bewtween their domains and Oregon City.

Mortals of course know very little about what is going on in the area.

The construction between Hillsboro and Cornelius is coming closer to completion but still has a long way to go.

A company called Dutton Securities just opened in the area. With it's local HQ in Hillsboro, DS has offices in Forest Grove, Beaverton and Tigard. DS is also hiring a variety of personnel, both for security experience and technical skills. The company has begun hiring anew due to it's contract with GoSH Chemicals. Since GoSh Chem has opened at least four new locations on the west side Dutton Securities is looking for even more employees to pick up the slack. A division of Dutton Securities, Knightvision Security, is also new. Knightvision offers security for IT departments and personal computer systems/networks. They recently held a "hack-off" at PCC Rock Creek for local computer geniuses as a kind of job fair.

The construction of a Hillsboro Sewer Treatment Plant was set back six months recently when a group of unknown terrorists blew up the plant's main building and much of the construction materials present. Construction has been renewed and should be finished sometime next winter.

A great tragedy occured in Tigard this March when a Tri-Met bus collided with a chemical truck carrying Chlorine Gas. Luckily the Police and Sheriff's department were able to evacuate much of the area. Unfortuantely the local Hit & Run Paintball store was running an all night tournament at the time and many of the participants died. There are reports of gunfire from the location as well and a fire was started in the building. It is believed by some authorities that the gas was meant to get people away from the location as a cover for the robbery of a local jeweler and the thieves encountered the evacuating participants of the paintball tournament. The only evidence for this is the more than 100,000 dollars in jewelry stolen and the states of the corpses at Hit & Run, The bodies revealed several deaths by burns as well as stabbing and gunfire. Only one of the tournament participants is as yet unaccounted for. It is believed that he could have been taken hostage by the jewel thieves and anyone with information regarding his whereabouts is encouraged to contact the Sheriff's department.

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