West Side Rules

Nothing too special compared to the other game's.


Characters I'm allowing right now must be of the Seven "basic" clans. This means both Vampires and Ghouls are available. I will allow other clans or bloodlines, but a character concept/background must be written before hand and turned in with a character sheet in order to be approved. Tzimisce, Lasombra, and basic Antitribu MAY be allowed but will need a VERY good concept. Non- vampiric characters (Mages, Garou, etc.) will NOT be allowed. No Giovanni, Infernalists, Lasombra antitribu, Nagaraja, True Brujah, Baali, Harbingers of Skulls, or Blood brothers will be allowed. Experience/freebie points will be given for a background or character sketch, just like in the Eugene LARP. Flaws are limited to 10 points worth maximum (exceptions will be made for flaws that I find fit the concept well. Also if you wish to take a Nemesis.), this is not counting a two point bonus for an added derangement (That means 2 for Malks, 1 for the rest).
Also, the Influence background is going to be converted to the LARP Influence rules. With the influences used in the Live action book people will be able to buy influences for a cost of 2 for the first dot and 2*current for all points beyond to a max of 5.
Since it has come up in game I'm ruling that sun/tanning lamps that give off UV radiation (the prickly heat lamp effect) do in fact do damage to Kindred at the same soak difficulty as sunlight. However this damage is bashing not aggravated and thus can be soaked with Stamina. You can kill a vampire with it but it takes a very long time.
Another Rule that has come up is staking options. While staked you are concious and may take advantage of any disciplines that have to do solely with your mind. This includes Auspex, Dominate, and Presence. You may Heal normally, except for the explusion of the stake from your heart. This is of course moot if you have been knocked into torpor and then staked. In order to regain conciousness you must either be brought out of torpor through feeding and/or wait the time designated by your humanity rating.
Due to my study of the rules I am now allowing Martial Arts the Skill, as listed in the Kindred of the East book. It cost double freebie/experience points.


No Benandanti or Gypsies will be allowed. Other than that most every other type of hunter will be allowed. Any special numina or equipment requires a good enough backstory. No military or espionage influence is allowed, though I am allowing intelligence agents. I would like to note especially that this is NOT a Hunter the Reckoning game and the characters are/can be based on any of the following books:
Sorcerer 2nd Edition
The Enchanted
Ghouls: Fatal Addiction
The Inquisition
Project Twilight
Mediums: Speakers with the Dead
Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes
Dhampyr: The Half Damned (with special permission)
Right Hand of the Ascension/ Halls of the Arcanum (with special permission)
The Quick and The Dead

The hunter game ended upon arriving in Los Angeles and the remaining player will have her character brought back with the primary NPC.


This is Ryan's game so it's his rules. Contact him if you wish to know more, he is listed on the Players page.

As with the Hunter game, this game is over.

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