West Side IC/OC

Attention: New ICOCs are pending the work of a new artist.

Yes that's right. NEW ICOC comics based on the West Side games. We've more than a year of games so far and we're still trying to figure out how to make them funny and not just funny-looking (like the players).

Vampire cartoons will be here
11-18-00 is here.!
12-01-00 is finally up!
12-30-00 Is up right now due to a quirk in the time stream.
01-13-01 Is the Slick Comic. It WILL be up someday.....
04-07-01 Is Stephen's first Vampire Comic! Alex finally appears!
01-24-01 The aftermath of the break in downtown. (no dialog yet)
02-03-01 Tom Vloren meets his new best friends. (no dialog yet)

More on the way......

Hunter Cartoons will be here.
11-11-00 is here!
11-25-00 is up!
12-09-00 Is now up.
12-23-00 should be up now......
01-06-02 The infamous dog.
08-03-02 Is now up! Stephen's first comic!
More on the way......No really! I just need to do the lettering!

Changeling Cartoons?
Perhaps the guys would like to submit some strips, their artwork is good enough! Then again, their game no longer runs......

Well, I'm finally doing it, I'm commisioning an artist. Hopefully I'll be getting strips from Patrick via my player and his classmate, Molly. I hope my players are interested in chipping in some cash for the comic.

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