West Side Chronicles is currently experienceing crappy dificulties from geocities. Sorry for any confusion.

Welcome. This is the ever growing site for the West Side game which was connected to the Anarch Chronicles of Eugene, though the connection merely represents similar rulings and setting. "Our" game consists of three Chronicles, a Vampire: The Masquerade game, A Changeling the Dreaming Game, and a Mortals Potporrie Game (Hunters without the Reckoning basically). The Vampire Game is currently closed, as is the Changeling game, we currently have one spot open for the Mortals game though. For guidelines on our game visit West Side Rules.

We don't have much here. Now or ever really. I shall place a great deal of links up so that you may see the other page's features without much exploring.
Such as the Eugene House Rules and Quotes Page,
the IC/OC Archive,
My personal Jukebox as well as Brian's "Greatest Hits" page.
There's a lot more on their page but this is the important stuff.

My Stuff!

This stuff is actually part of my game and my game only.

West Side Rulings. Added or tweaked rules for just my game, since the genres are different, the setting is different, and I am not Brian.

West Side Players. These are e-mail addresses, etc...... not an actors guild.

West Side Characters. There are the Vampire Characters and there are the Hunter Characters. don't get them confused. Updated as pictures become available.

West Side Info. Public knowledge to all Kindred upon the Westside. Also, rumors for various factions will be posted here. Other rumors shall be doled out via Email.

West Side Resources. Stuff that can be helpful in researching the area in the real world. Imagine that! Real life!

West Side ICOC. Unlike the archives, this version of the comic deals with this game. Comics are pending the new artists' work.

I shall clean this up and add more once as time goes on.......... be patient.

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