This is the 9th part of the string
Written by:Wolfe

[transmision opens again]

[Explosion, left off screen]

Emperor Prosek: what the hell!!!

[Enter Vagaborg and Pair of Vaga-juicers..... Room becomes really smelly]

Vagaborg: Ha Prosek, you must be a fool, We Vagabonds are more power full than you think, our forces out side iron heart were a distraction while the real Vagabonds enterd chi-town looking for you

Joseph Prosek: [lying] Ha, We knew you were comming, there is no way you can survive ... we out number you.....

Vagaborg: Wrong, 2000 vagabonds of various types are inside of chi-town as I speak, their is no hope for you Prosek,.....

Karl Prosek: Why are you vagabonds doing this?

Vagaborg: You raised the Price of Billy Beer by 2 credits...

K. Prosek: this is all be cause of the Billy beer Price hike?

Vagaborg: yes

K. Prosek: If you call off your forces I will abolish the tax on billy beer.... and hell even lower it by 1 cr....

Vagaborg: I'll have to speak to the vagabond High council.... I will return with the Answer in 24 hours, Do not attempt to betray us.........

[Flash forward 23 hours, 59 minutes, 30 seconds]

[enter vagabond, 2 vaga-juicers and a vagabond holding a Vibro-Spoon (Wolfe T. Vagabond).... seated at a table are K. Prosek, J. Prosek II, Dr. Bradford and Col. Lyboc]

[vagabond people sit down]

Wolfe: We shall agree to your terms, the Vagabond armies will put our arms down.... as a Sign of good will would you give each vagabond a 24 pak of Billy Beer?

K. Prosek: that is reasonable

Vagabonds together: Ya HOOOO!!!

Col. Lyboc: No, We Will not give in to these Vagabonds....

[Lyboc's head explodes, as a Vibro-spoon flies thrugh his head]

Wolfe: I never Liked that guy.....

K. Prosek: me either.....

[Screan fades to balck, then reopens with seans of Vagabonds Drinking billy beer and having funn....]

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