This is the 7th message of the string
written by:Maverick

[camera flickers on again. A Large crack runs down the center, beer suds drip from the lens, and the corners are scorched]

[The head of Jimmy the borg appears in front of the camera. His mouth begins to move crazily as a muffled voice comes from off camera]

Voice: I am Emperor Prosek! I am very very stupid...duh....

[another borg head comes into view]

2nd Voice: And I am his silly little son. I am very very very stupid too!

Both at once: We fear the all mighty vagabonds. They are powerful and well cleaned. I will give them everything they want!

[small metal hands appear on the screen each holding a plastic utensil as the borg heads begin hitting on each other]

{Roars of laughter are heard and drunken vagabonds fill the camera making wired faces and pressing their noses against the camera]

{back in the studio}

David: Oh the horror....the horror...

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