This is yet another contribution by Anubis Xy, Mayor of Swankytown.

[Transmission opens up again. The camera (which has a large crack running down the center) is focused on an epic battle. The leader of the vagabonds is attacking a huge dragon all by himself. The Vagabond is in the throes of Billy Beer Frenzy]


[The leader stabs the dragon in the eye with the spork, and the dragon roars, flicks up his head and the vagabond falls to the ground.]

Dragon: "Now you are mine filthy mortal!"

[The dragon's head suddenly swoops down and swollows the Vagabond.]

Dragon: "There... haha, now who is next?"

[Suddenly the dragon gets a horrible look on it's face. It looks around for a moment, and then stares down at it's chest just as the Vagabond Leader bursts through, wielding his spork. The dragon roars out in defiance, but alas, it parishes]

Vagabond: "Haha, stupid dragon. Nothing can beat the power of Billy Beer"

[The vagabond walks over, grabs a can of Billy Beer and chugs it. Just then, 2 more vagabonds rush up.]

Vagabonds "Sir, sir, sir!!"

Leader: "What now? Can't you see I'm busy?"

Vagabonds: "The CS has unleashed their psychics on us! What do we do???"

[Suddenly, a lone man who appears to be on fire walks by. He looks the vagabonds over.]

Man: "I'm Private Anderson, and I'm a burster. You are all under arrest."

[Private Anderson points his arms and a huge bolt of fire races out and hits one of the vagabonds]

Leader: "I know how to take you out! Troops, begin operation Extinguish Flames"

[5 of the nearby vagabonds pull down their pants and release huge quantities of Billy Beer onto the Burster. Private Anderson screams in pain as his fires go out, and then screams somemore as he begins to melt. Within moments, he is a simple spot on the floor]

Leader "Ha, and thats whats gonna happen to all of you!!"

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