This is my contribution to the story.

*transmission opens to reveal a CS deadboy hunkering against a dark wall. Sounds of chaos come from outside*

Help Help we--------ost all ---pe of rescu----hi-town! Please help us! For th---ove of---------- please help! They've destroyed everything we've thrown at them!

*transmission is now clear and you can see he's hiding in a shanty of empty Billy Beer Cartons*

Not only that but a squadron of Dragons have crossed the Missisippi and are fighting the vagabonds for the Rune spork! I can't tell who's winning but it's horrible!!! Please! If anyone in Lone Star or Iron Heart recieves this transmission help!!! The Emporer has lost all contact with us and----

*just then a massive tail sweeps the deadboy out of the camera view before the image fizzles out there is an image of a dragon with a grizzled filthy man stradling his nose and stabbing him in the eyes with something small and plastic*

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