This part was also written by Bahumat

[camera flickers a few times, then finally begins transmission again, a large crack in the glass. The Beer Factory is in flames, and the leader is crying on the shoulder of a fellow vagabond.]

Leader roars: "Prosek...! YOU SHALL DIE! All that beer... wasted!"

[Leader resumes bawling, as aides plan revenge. Unfortunatley, none of them can read a compass, so they don't know which way Chi Town is. They begin to wander off in random directions, arguing that they are all going the right way. Spoon fights break out, until the leader brandishes his SPORK (tm), telling them to:]


[Points in random direction. Various dirty and grimy people pushing carts and holding spoons begin to march into the wilderness, fearful of the SPORK of dooooommmmm that the leader holds. Many kegs are cracked open to keep them happy.]

Vagabonds: WOO-HOO! Beeeeeeerrr!

Vagabond Leader: Get outta tha way ya lousy sots! I got first dibs!

[Scene degenerates into a drunken orgy. Beer is splashed everywhere, soon no-one is sober. The camera is dunked into an open keg, transmission fades, as a distant scream is heard:]

Distant Scream: Ahhh! Dragons!

[Transmission ends... again.]

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