*Anubis Xy, MAyor of Swankytown,
figures he might as well toss in some insanity as well*

[Transmission opens up again. The leader Vagabond stands there looking dirty. He's holding a can of Billy Beer in one hand, and his spork in the other]

"Prosek, I know you can hear me. Our forces have managed to retake the Billy Beer Factory. Your forces stand no chance against us. Fortified with the power of Billy Beer, our forces could easily destroy your city."

[Suddenly, a CS soldier runs by and accidently slams into the Vagabond Leader. The leader falls back a step and drops his beer on the ground. He screams out in anger, grabs the CS trooper, picks him up and rips him in half]

"He spilled my beer!!! Nobody messes with my beer!! ARGH!!!"

[The leader grabs a nearby lamppost, rips it out of the ground and throws it through a nearby building. His followers try to restrain him, but to no avail. Suddenly one of them gets an idea, pulls out another can of Billy Beer and hands it to the Leader.]

"Alright! More beer!!"

[He pops open the can and quickly chugs it, and then belches]

"Ahh, much better..."

[Suddenly, 3 Vagabonds come running up to him]

"Sir sir sir!! We found 5 fusion blocks in the Billy Beer Factory set to go off in umm... ummm... dang, I guess kind of soon..."

[Seconds later, there is a huge explosion and the entire area is rocked by the power of it. Cars, people and nearly everything not bolted down suddenly begins to fly through the air.The leader turns and screams up at the sky.]


[Suddenly there are more explosions, and a huge car flies through the air directly at the camera!! There is a huge CRASH, and then the transmission is cut]

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