This bit of surreality brought to you by Bahumat.
Maker of fine Rune Sporks since 1996.

[camera re-engages, some time later]

Booming Voice: "BEHOLD! Our mighty armies of untrained, unskilled peasants! We have defeated your best troopers with our mighty Rune Spoons! Behold the fearsome power of our leader and his terrible soul-drinking SPORK! [tm]

[Ugly raving/drooling face enters camera's view, brandishing a normal plastic spork that has been written on with a pencil.]

"I will consume the world! I and my mighty Vagabond army will march first on Chi-Town! Then Atlantis! Then the WORLD! Muahahahaha- hack- hack- cough- wheeze..."

[Camera transmission cuts out, when it returns the ratty guy is blowing his nose on his sleeve. Camera then cuts to a raggedy looking mob, all brandishing various bits of cutlery and garden tools. All look mean, dirty, and stupid.]

"Our exceptional domestic skills give us the edge we need to destroy our opponents! Your power armor is no match for our ability to cook omelettes and preserve food! We'll pickle you to death!"

[camera cuts back to leader brandishing the so-called Rune Spork...]

"Surrender or die! Or just let us into your universities and schools so we can learn better OCC's than this! Muahahaha... Hack-cough-gak-ick-ack-oog..."

[Leader clutches his chest and falls over, wheezing... Camera transmission ends.]

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