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*As Emporer Prosek and Cabot look out a large window at the burbs below, vagabonds frolic gleefully in their beer guzzling stupor*

Cabot:Do thinks it's really safe to let such a powerful force run free and...and DRUNK???

*the Emporer smirks and raises his eyebrows*

Prosek:Would you rather have them sober and ANGRY or drunks and happy? Besides, did you see how many of those dragons they killed from those heretics accross the Mississippi? I'll bet old Dunscon is really steamed abou-

*just then an average looking man in a buisiness suit enters the room*

Prosek: Ah! Mr. Zane, good to see you! What brings you to Chi-Town this time? *rubbing his hands together slowly* any new Golden age discoveries?

Zane: Some what, sir.
*Zane places his briefcase on a table and opens it carefullyso that the only thing visible within is a folded piece of paper which he removes*

Zane(unfolding paper): Due to the recent Vagabond ordeal, I have done some research into Billy Beer. It seems that the owners of the company found the recipe in an old Pre-Appocalypse factory in what is now Xiticix territory. I believe that if we find this factory we can brew an even more powerful Billy Beer than the present kind.

*Prosek smiles at Zane's work but Cabot looks confused*

Cabot:Emporer, why would we want to do such a thing? aren't these vagabonds powerful enough as they are?

Prosek chuckles and says: Cabot old friend, you don't understand. In order to get to the old factory we must go through Xiticix territory. You've seen how dangerous those creatures can be if provoked, especially now that they've started developping an immunity to the chemical our man in Manistique came up with. However if they were to fight these vagabonds......

*Cabot finally begins to catch on and begins to chuckle as well*

*transmission opens with Emporer Prosek sitting on his throne with a keg of Billy Beer next to him*

Prosek: Vagabond friends! In lieu of our new friendship, I have recieved information that should be of interest to you. We have discovered an ancient Billy Beer factory which has been over run by the aliens known as the Xiticix. If our scientists were able to get into this factory, we believe that they could begin brewing a new, BETTER Billy Beer! Hard to imagine I know! For how could anything be better than wonderful Billy Beer?*pats the keg* But I tell you truly that the Billy beer you drink now is merely a pale shadow of the Billy Beer that our anscestors drank in the Golden Age before he Appocalypse. If you vagabonds can destroy the alien invaders that block our way than not only shall our CS scientists begin the Brewing of Classic Billy Beer, but we will give you the entire territoryconquered to be ruled by you as the Coalition State of Billy Beer! If you aggree then merely- *sound of doors crashing open. The camera pans to the doors and reveals the raggedy and stinky leader of the vagabonds. He points to the Emporer with his Rune Spork (TM) and blurts*

VLeader:We'll do it if I get the keg!
Prosek smiles:Then we are agreed! *rolls the keg over to him*

VLeader:Whoohooo! We're gonna get more beer!!!! *spikes the keg with his spork* Right After I finish this keg! *he begins to drink directly from the keg*

A new saga begins!

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