The Photo Story

This is a story which actually has a plot and goes better with narration, Here goes! (please scroll carefully so as not to give the ending away).
Larry Wilson as Anubis Xy
Charles Trapp as Boy Messiah and CyberBrother
and a very special guest as

Once upon a time there was an evil Wizard (Necromancer for those of you in the know), named Anubis Xy, who tricked a young man named Boy Messiah into worshipping him.
Anubis Xy[to be spoken like MojoJojo from the Power Puff Girls]:You should worship me because I am powerful and you are weak and I can give you power so that you will not be weak but be powerful like me only not quite as powerful because if made you that powerful then I could no longer say you were weak.
Boy Messiah: Yes master......I here you and understand........I bow to your power........

Then Anubis Xy took the boy back to his lair and stole his soul.
Anubis Xy:Haha! You have been fooled by my scheme because i told you you would get power and now it is i who is getting power because I am stealing your soul so I will be more powerful and not you because you will dead! Boy Messiah:Gyaaaaaaaa..........!

Then the evil wizard had more power but all of a sudden the boy's Brother came into the lair. CyberBro:[to be spoken like a redneck] Hey! You just stole my brother's soul!

Anubis Xy: Who Me?????????

CyberBro:Yeah You!! Now I'm gonna bash yer brains out!

Anubis Xy: Oh Yeah????? Bring it on Hic Boy!

Anubis Xy: You will die because I am going to kill you and having been killed you will be dead!
CyberBro:Shut yer trap Baldy! Yer goin' down!

Suddenly both Anubis Xy and CyberBrother Were dropped to the floor!

They had been killed by Boba Fett! Hooray!

Epilogue:As all powerful Necromancers do, Anubis Xy rose later that evening as a Master Vampire. He walked over to Cyber Brother's corpse and ressurected him as an undead smurf.

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