The Photo Story: Interpreted by Anubis Xy

This is a story about faith. However my friend Anubis Xy decided to interpret it as such. Kudos to him (and other healthy snacks) for being the first to write one!

Ok, this is my attempt at interpreting you story, "Faith" bare with me as I struggle to comprehend the monumentous objectives placed within these 8 pictures...


Obviously, we can tell that in the first scene, there is a monsterous Rancor. He is holding 2 small cuddly animals and a 3rd is off to the side looking up. It appears as though the Rancor is giving the 2 animals something akin to a piggyback ride. To get deeper into this, you could liken the Rancor to the government. It is not pretty, but it holds up those in need of help. Many come in askence, but it can only support some, not everyone. Or, you could argue that the third sheep is the poor. They are ignored, while the wealthy are supported.

Hail to the Chief!

In the second picture, we see 4 beings. One, a large frog, is sitting atop what could be a throne. This gives the idea that this frog is the leader, or the president. Below him are two servents (the ones we saw the beast supporting earlier). Standing in front of all of them is the Rancor. It appears as though he is being judged. Perhaps he somehow dropped the two fuzzy creatures, thus drawing ire from the king. This could be compared to NATO in modern life. The president messes up and hurts his people, so NATO must step in and punish the president.

Bougouise SCUM!!!!

In the third scene, we see that the Rancor is apparently being attacked by the third fuzzy shep he refused to hold up back in the first scene. This makes one wonder about revolution. The government would not hold up the being, and so the being rose up and rebelled. Obviously, the Rancor (president) is extreamly surprised... even afraid?


In the next scene, it appears the the sheep (rebellion) has risen up and attacked the Rancor (president). You can see how the Rancor was thrown into the air by the charge of the sheep (people). Also, a sheep may be docile, but if you punish it enough, eventually it will attack.


In the fifth scene, we see that the people have managed to defeat the Rancor. They stand victorious over it's body.


Unfortunatly, in the sixth scene, NATO steps in and begins attacking the people. It quickly and easily slaughters the people.

YEAH capitalism!

In the last scene we find that the Rancor and NATO are actually quite friendly. One must wonder if the Rancor payed off the frog. Thus we see that even though the Rancor (president) is evil, the Frog (NATO) stepped in to retain the status quo.

Thus ends my interpretation of you story, "Faith". Of course odds are I am totally wrong and you just got quite a good laugh huh? Well, thats cool... I got a laugh also!! :-)

Mayor of Swankytown


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