Here's the exciting tale of the
Palladium Rift Board posters in Townsville!

[Scene opens up with AnubisXy waking up. He goes out to the kitchen and grabs a box of Kiddie-Os and pours them into a bowl and reaches for some milk. Suddenly, he looks at the clock and smiles widely. He runs out to the kitchen and leaves the bowl of Kiddie-Os and the milk unattended]

AnubisXy: "Yay! Power Puff Girls! Lets see what the Mayor wants them to do today! HEY!! I'm the Mayor!! *Picks up the phone and calls the Power Puff Girls*

"Power Puff Girls, the Spammers are taking over the board! Please help!!!!"

[AnubisXy cackles gleefully, and then sits down by Tee-Moss, turns on the TV and kicks back to watch the Power Puff Girls restore law and order to the boards. He laughs as the Power Puff Girls demolish Mavrick and Guyver and Area51victem. Suddenly, there is a knock on the door. AnubisXy gets up and opens the door. The Power Puff Girls stand there]

AnubisXy: " Ahhh.... hello..."

Blossom: "You're one of the spammers!!"

AnubisXy: "No!! I didn't! It was an accident! I swear!"

Buttercup: "Liar!!"

AnubisXy: "NOO!!!"

Buttercup: "Take him down"

Bubbles: "Wait!!!"

Buttercup: "What now???"

[Buttercup folds her arms over her chest and gets "that look" on her face]

Bubbles: "Maybe he can change his ways.."

AnubisXy: "Yes yes! I can be good! I promise! Watch! Here, I'll call a cleanup crew! They'll fix all the damage!"

[AnubisXy picks up the phone and makes a phone call. However instead of calling the clean up crew, he really calls.. Mojo Jojo! Moments later, Mojo Jojo appears carrying a BIG freaking gun.]

Mojo Jojo: "Power Puff Girls, now I will kill you because I have this big gun and you don't have anything to stop me except your quick speed, but I am faster than you and will thus blast you with my big gun because you are slower than me."

[Mojo Jojo fires at them a couple of times, and manages to wing Buttercup. Mojo starts to laugh, when suddenly, out of nowhere, Dream Fox and his faithful side kick, Dead Boy pop in. They grabs Mojo Jojo, wad him up into a ball and toss him (and his gun) out of the window.]

Dream Fox: "There, I have saved you.. and now I must go!"

Dead Boy: "You owe us one girls..."

[Dream Fox leaps out of the window, and starts to fall (evidently he forgot he can't fly). Dead Boy jumps out after him, grabs Dream Fox before he hits the ground, and then the two of them fly off. Meanwhile, the Power Puff Girls start to stand up.]

Blossom: "But Mayor, why did you lie to us like that?"

[Suddenly, the REAL Mayor walks in. He looks around points at AnubisXy and says]

REAL Mayor: "Power Puff Girls, who is that man?"

Buttercup: "He's a fake.. see? I told you so."

Bubbles: "Oh dear!"

Buttercup: "Lets get him!"

AnubisXy: "ARGH!!"

[The Power Puff Girls beat the crap out of AnubisXy and then drop him off in the prison, where he is greeted in the jail cell by Mavrick, Guyver and Area51victem]

AnubisXy: "Hehe.. oh crap..."

[Scene cuts off just as Mav, Guyver and A51V pull out large sharpened baseball bats and begin to approach AX.]

[Scene cuts back to Tee-Moss. He is poking around the kitchen when he spies the bowl of Kiddie-Os AnubisXy poured earlier. He smiles and grabs the milk and pours it onto the cereal. Suddenly, a HUGE ugly disgusting monster errupts from the bowl of cereal.]

Monster: "Hahaha! I am the Cybermessiah! I have been in enchanted slumber for 10000 years! I was placed in this by an ancient and powerful being named the Rikonian! I was stuck in a Kiddie-O until someone doused me in milk! But I have returned! This world is mine! I will destroy it! You shall all DIE!!!"

[Tee-Moss stands up, and spins around really fast. Suddenly he stops spinning, and in his face is Boba Fett! Boba Fett/Tee-Moss pulls out his Concussion Grenade Launcer and fires a couple grenades down Cybermessiah's throat. Cybermessiah explodes in a shower of blood.]

[Scene cut to the ending scene. There's the twirling lights, and the announcer speaks.]

Announcer: "And so the world has been saved by... Boba Fett?!? Well, who'd have imagined that?"

[Boba Fett/Tee-Moss appears in the middle of the lights, looks around for a moment and then fires a grenade at the camera. The whole screen is filled with static.]

The End

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