*badly animated little boy walks along with a huge slimy mass of tentacles behind him and approaches a small model of Chi-Town*

Emporer Prosek? *A mans head pops out of a window in the city. the head is suddenly full size thanks to the wonders of animation. The child continues*
How many E-clips does it take to get to the goeey black center of a Splugorth? *Prosek squints and says* I've never made it without nuking. go ask Mr. Genesplicer. *Boy walks along and comes to a 6' tall version of the Dark Millenium Tree with a wrinkly thin man perched in it's branches* Mr. Genesplicer, how many E-clips does it take to get to the goeey black center of a splugorth? Let's find out! *the GS wheezes and pulls out a naruni rifle from Phaseworld 3 which does 3D8x10 MDC and loads it with an E-clip from the boy and fires* One! *accepts another E-clip from the boy and unloads its a plasma charge into the Splugorth* Two! *takes a third E-clip from the boy and instead of loading it into his rifle; puts it into a laptopcomputer with a small sattelite dish attached. hitting a button, the Splugorth's Eyee bulges and splits down the ,middle as the being evolves into an creature with its insdies on the outsides (no change really)* Three! *handing the spent E-clip back to the boy the Genesplicer states* Three. *Scene changes to a shot of four splugorths on sticks getting peppered with lazer blasts as a voice over drones* How many E-clips DOES it take to get to the gooie black center of a Splugorth? *Suddenly one of the Sploogs is sucked into a hole caused by a Rift projector cannon, another is envelopped in a mushroom cloud, the third is sliced in two by a giant rune sword, and the last one poofs into an egg which cracks on the stick* The Megaverse, may never know. Tee-Moss, High Lord of Hyperspace and lover of nostalgic commercials.

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