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You may be wondering, does this group of cool people enjoy the semi-official work of Perez? or are we not his official fans? As the club's founder allow me to explain. Ramon Perez is an artist whose work can be found in various Role Playing Game books from Pallaium Books and West End Games. He is known for the worn look of his artwork, his unique characters, and his quirky sense of humor. He currenty is publishing work in Palladium's books, including a comic series within he Rifter sourcebook series.

That said, I would like to state that everything on this site was put here by me, Tom Munkres, and has been scanned in and posted in order to share the work of Perez. I shall attempt to give credit and list the source of each scan where appropriate. I shall not post the comic in it's entirety due to copyright issues, for now.

This fanclub is unofficial because it is not (yet) santioned by either Palladium books and/or Ramon Perez himself, though I have began a dialog with him by email and will soon be posting scans he sent me of some very special works. This is also the reason that this is now the SEMI-official Perez fanclub! We might be official someday and you can be sure I'll print up membership cards for everybody then!

OKAY! Let's get down to business!


Palladium Fantasy Works
Rifts art
Rifter Artwork
Lonestar Comic Frames
Other Palladium Books
Artwork Found outside of Palladium
I know these would be the most important sites here but You'll have to wait for me to upload some of the art!

Other stuff
Ramon Perez Data
Three Words

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Just to let everyone know that the Rifts and Palladium settings belong to Kevin Siembieda and the Palladium Books company, Star Wars things belong to George Lucas, and the Vampire settings belong to the White Wolf company, any idea's, character's, etc. belong to me. Any attempt to use these char's for money or self promotion will give I, White Wolf, and the PalladiumBooks company every right to not only sue you but to hunt you down and destory or torture you in the most painful ways imaginable...if such a thing doesn't apply to you then nevermind. That being said thank you for visiting and have a nice day ;)
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