Perez Rifts Portfolio

Below are the books that Perez has done artwork for.

Rifts Worldbooks

10: The Juicer Uprising
11: Coalition War Campaign
12: Psyscape
13: Lone Star
14: New West
15: Spirit West
16: Federation of Magic
17: Warlords of Russia
18: Mystic Russia
19: Australia
20: Canada
21: Splynn Dimensional Market
22: Free Quebec
23: Xiticix Invasion?

Coalition Wars 1: Sedition?
Coalition Wars 2: CS Overkill?
Coalition Wars 3: Sorcerors Revenge
Coalition Wars 4: Cyberknights
Coalition Wars 5: Shadows of Evil
Coalition Wars 6: Final Siege
Aftermath of War?

Other Rifts Books

Sourcebook 4: Coalition Navy
GM's Guide
Guide to Magic

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