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One of the reasons my fellow members and I founded this fan club is the easter eggs that Perez includes in his art. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, an easter egg is something small that is slipped in as a sort of inside joke and is usually hard to find. These are commonly found in video games and other programs but can also be found in movies and print media. One example is the rumor of George Lucas' face in the rocks of Star Wars: Episode 1's pod race scene. Or the Millenium Falcon's appearance in the Bladerunner cityscape. The DVD media has become a new home for Easter eggs with some DVDs showing secret clips of humor when the proper code is inputed. The easter eggs in Perez' artwork are plentiful and memorable. While they aren't present in every piece, they are worth looking for. I will describe them for now and link their pictures once I get scans.

The Biggies

When you see a large graphic done by Perez and there's stuff written on, or maybe a large group of peopl, there's bound to be plenty of easter eggs there. Here are some of the pictures that are almost covered in eggs.

In Rifts Worldbook 16?: The Federation of Magic, there are many pictures including bookcases. all of them are worth a scan of the titles but there is one in particular that has some fascinating items on it. The picture I'm referring to has a High Magus passing down a stone stairwell into a room where an arcane ceremony is taking place.
There is another piece in the Stormspire section just oozing with Eggs. It is a shot in a factory where some TWs are building some sort of robots. Most of the eggs are written on the desk but there's some in the back, like the poster of a bikini girl.

One Shots

Sometimes an piece will have a little thing in the corner or maybe a few words on a wall. These are one shot easter eggs that make seeing new artwork fun because they aren't instantly noticable.

In the New West, on the Cowboy or Saddletramp OCC page. There is a full page graphic of a cowboy watching the herd. One of his drunk buddies is on foot below and seems to be striking up a conversation with a cow.

In the Balgor Wastelands for PFRPG, the Rockbuzzer picture shows several characters riding the beasts. One of the background people is standing on one foot with his arms out.

In Rifts Worldbook Russia, the picture for the Ecto Hunter, there is a Gravestone that reads "Ramon Perez, Drew himself to Death" or something similar. Exact quote pending.

Though his two page battle in the Psyscape book is a fantastic piece, most of the action seems serious. The one main Easter Egg is one sympathizer on his back who is very close to being crushed by the leg of a spider skull walker whose leg has struck just between his knees.


While not really secret or aside, certain characters have a unique quirkiness to them that makes them stand out. Below are characters in either group shots or other pictures that stand out from the crowd.

There seems to be a signature Quillback in the Balgor Wastelands for PFRPG.

Featured three times, an unknown D-Bee shopkeeper has made a very distinct appearance. He is found pedelling 60s sci-fi props in the New West, peddling cheap weapons in Canada, and seems to still be in Canada in the Rifts GMs Guide. He is easly recognizable by his greasy appearance, his outstretched quad-mandible mouth, and the sly gleem in his eye. His shop sports a "Strange Brew" poster in the Canada book.

The Comic

The Lonestar Comic is in a league of its own. Not only does Perez open a dialog with Palladium readers but he brings his art to life in a way that single page prints just cant do. More information on the comic is available on its page but here are a few of the little things that may have gone unnoticed.

The small "back in five minutes" note on the lab desk when the raiders first enter the Lone Star lab.

Shakes' crane style position with the pigeon atop his head that he is seen licking several frames later.


Even though this is the Ramon Perez fanclub, it bears noting that several other artists on the payroll of Palladium books have included Eggs in their works.

The first one, and the reason I added this category, is **wilson?**. In the Northern Hinterlands for PFRPG, there is a piece with two guards in front of a wall of wanted posters in which one of the guards is getting hit by a tomato. In the back there are several wanted poster which seem to be referring to specific members of the Palladium works force, the crimes have even been tailored for the individual. Perez, the Siembiedas, and even Wayne Smith are featured.
This is notable not only because of the clever presentation but also because it is a form of flattery. Perez included many wanted posters in his work for The New West. One that comes to mind was an old and partially readable one that offers a reward for Kevin Siembieda who is wanted for the crime of slavery.

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