Ramon Perez Bio/Trivia Page

This is a page with which I shall reveal more and more about the object of our eye-candy affections. Over time I hope to post little snippits and bits of information about Perez (like maybe how to pronounce his name since Brian brought that up) as I gather it. Here's what we have so far:


Name: Ramon Perez (note, Ramon has an accent over the O..or maybe the A. damn notes)

Home: Toronto, Canada

E-mail Address: calaverada@hotmail.com

Perez has only been working with Palladium games since 1996. His first artwork for Palladium appeared in Palladium Fantasy Book 2: The Old Ones (second edition).

Perez is well versed in pop culture. See the Easter Egg section for more details. Also Perez notes "...you should see the junk Ii have lyin' around in my studio."


OK, real information is useful and all but how about some blind guesses? Here's some things that I'm theorizing with and just throwing out there.

Perez will email me again when I have more questions....(especially since he checks this page more often then some of the members!)

And that's pretty much it for now! I'll get more information up as it comes!

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