The FANS Database: Some Notes:
  1. OK, this is basically stolen from the Sluggy Freelance Code done by Tirdun. You can find it through's statistics page. Below are some of his messages I found relevant.
  2. The database works fine on my machines using my settings. Any non-function on your machine could either be due to Geocities brand system (which generally ignores the code but sometimes gets ugly) or because I didn't plan for cross-platform compatability when I built it. I believe it works in IE/Netscape/Opera/Mozilla on Wintel platforms without problems.
  3. The bottom (purple) row of commands are really only for me. You can run them, but both should simply give you "pass" messages because I run them almost every time I make a change prior to uploading to the system. Otherwise, you may bask in tirdun's programming skills; and my ability to copy and edit code I don't Understand.. Oh, and the second one is REALLY slow.
  4. The database (as such) is written in javascript. Hey, it's what I had available to me (since this is just a copy of Sluggy's). If you want to host a Perl/MySQL version for free, email tirdun, The Code guy.