The Billberg Fansipolitin Museum of Art

Yes, this is just an alternate fanart archive, so if you want something up here send it to me, if it's up on the main page I'll probably grab it soon. The point of this page is redundancy (kind of). Enjoy!

Alphabetical listing by Artist

David Willis
Willis treats us to a colored image from Times of War!

COLOR!!!! Rumitastic takes what is sure to become a favorite clip and bring it "to life".



Drooling Fangirl


Nicki Garlick
Just in time for biKEENi summer! Fansgirls at the beach!

Kuusou (oops, this seems to have vanished!)!
Emergency Page

Hi it's Brian
One of Rumy's best lines, now in color.

Nicolas Juzda
Three offering, potential covers for the "Lost Issues" of the Most Dangerous Game.
Cover 1
Cover 2
Cover 3

The Guild of Evil Cartoonists

Maritza Campos Rikk and Alisin Go check out Maritza's comic, College Roomie from Hell!!!

Werner Muek
One of the originals from way back when T did the Fan Art contest. The Bustin Out cover.

Nan Natatom
Anime Guth

Lavin Lavin is from the House of Cards fanfiction.
Magical Knight Rumiko

Frank Sacousic
Geometry of Evil and the Clouded Soul

silversmoke (AKA Ariana O'Day)
Alternate page 1
Alternate page 2.

Robin Strickland
Rikk and Alisin

Tom the Fanboy:
Fans/ICOC page One
Fans/ICOC page Two
Fans/ICOC page Three
Fans/ICOC page Four
Confused? Maybe a visit to the ICOC Archive would help! Or maybe not, most ICOC jokes a between the people that were at game that night.
Theoretical Xenochicklet Tanaka
Will's Tatoo. (AKA Crump Tattoo)
Will's Chin (see this It's Walky! stip to get it).
Hall of 1000 Rumies.
T's Nightmare

Wish (AKA Wishdragon)
Jedi Rikk

As an adendum, if your work is present here and you frequent the message boards, please email me your log-in name so that I can post it here as well.

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