Top Ten Wy-Out-Theories

Written by Nodrog (about Hyperman's church)

1. It's the crazed Pokemon collector from the start of the story, only he got a toupee, a new pair of glasses, and his mustache trimmed.
2.It's the FIB director, who tried the Allisin diet (Boy he's thin) and took up preaching... as a downside of no longer being with FIB and using authentic Fountain-of-Youth water in his coffee (piped from a secret source in Florida), his sideburns have turned white. Or he's in disguise to spy on the fans, which also explains why he's wearing the fake mustache.
3.It's Rev. Aladdin Sane, trying to throw us off the track that he's really a FANS character.
4.It's the real Rikk, checking to make sure his robot/clone double is still fooling everybody. Think, do we ever see the phrophet's fingers well enough to see if he's wearing a skull ring on his left ring finger? Also, the only time we've seen "Rikk"'s left hand close up, it looked like he has a bandaid on that finger... definately NOT a skull ring.
5.It's just some poor, unsuspecting dupe who's been given a pair of B-Mod Broadcast glasses, either being controlled by Lance, FIB, or Thack (Organic or Cyber Version 2.0)
6.It's the organic Thack, who's aged quite a bit do to his harrowing time spent in the clutches of FIB.
7.It's Hunt Siefert, from (
8.It's Mr. Erixon, Will's dad. Look how stand-offish Will is acting...
9.It's the vamp nerd from .
10.It's Joe Whish. You know, the guy everyone was talking about in .

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