Top Ten reasons Will rocks my world

Written by wish

10. He's the strong silent type. (While Will doesn't have any problem with speaking up when it's really needed, he tends to be best at glowering silently. Even so, when he does open his mouth, it's usually to say something brilliant. Oh, and do I ever need to explain the strong part? What more could you ask for?)

9. He looks good no matter WHO he is at any one moment. (Be it thick-lipped vampire, Badgerman, Clingon, dreadlocked beatnik, or Hyperman himself, Will is always styling.)

8. He carries a machete. (The alure of danger... Oolala!)

7. He swears in the name of Infi! Another David Brin lover! (Okay, okay, this is speculation, but in any case, swearing by Infi (Infinity) is cool.)

6. For all his toughness, he's easily shocked, provoked, or ticked off. (Tim manages to get a rise out of him every time, over next to NOTHING. It's kinda endearing.)

5. He's almost as good at dramatic speeches as Rikk. ("Ringed around Mount Rushmore right now are bruisers in taffeta-speckled uniforms who think they run America. And if we just stand here, we prove them right!")

4. He punched Rikk's lights out. (Sorry... I used to date a Rikk... I'm not bitter, really....)

3. He's oh-so mysterious. (If I'm not mistaken, we know less about Will's past than just about anyone else, aside from Gunth and maybe Tim. He's got some unexplained beef with the military, a jailed father who apparently was a woman-beater (Did his dad abuse his mom? Maybe even a sister? We never get to see WHO Will spends his time avoiding on Visitiation Day.) And, of course, his uncanny abilities for disguise and subterfuge...)

2. He's on the rebound. (Gimme a call, Will.. I'll argue with you anytime. )

1. He's trying his best to be a decent, even GOOD human being in a world that he obviously knows is evil. (As evidenced through his attempts to be like Hyperman, Will seems to be struggling with his own humanity. He wants to be that perfect balance between tough and fair, but his temper so often gets the better of him. His strong need for the good, true and pure sometimes causes him to be repelled by the less 'refined' urges that some of his teammates exhibit, which pushes him away from those he cares about most. He has regrets, it's obvious, but he stays steadfast in his dedication to what he believes is just. I admire that.)

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