Top Ten Flase Secret Weaknesses

Written by Tom the Fanboy

10. Rikk is alergic to silver and that's why you sometimes don't see his wedding ring.
9. Alisin is allergic to nearly all fabrics and can only go a maximum of 9 hours with any single article of clothing before removing it or else she gets a rash and swells up like a balloon.
8. Kath has a violent alter-ego name Olivia that only appears when she eats walnuts. Olivia is a 40 year old ex-con who works in a smelting plant in Idaho, and she's also a lesbian.
7. Tim is afraid of the ampersand symbols and has a special pad whic he always places over the seven key before computing.
6. Will has a blankie.
5. Rikk has a dead siamese twin on his rear end tha alisin has nicknamed "Pete".
4. Kath's children aren't human, but goat men. She was forced to be part of a Cthonic ritual. thus, control issues.
3. Will's father isn't actually in Prison but is an FiB agent! Will's real name is Fox Jones!
2. Rumi is alergic to fish. She came to America to avoid sushi.
1. Alisin is actually a duck in a suit.

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