Top Ten Reasons Why Tim is a Hot, Hairy, Pulse-Throbbing, Faint-Inducing, Love Machine Stud Muffin (I can't believe I'm writing this.)

Written by Wish

10. He's confident. (Say what you like about his taste, his speech, even his lack of deoderant, but Tim is a guy who seems to never doubt himself. That's pretty attractive.)

9. He's a fixer-uper. (Some girls like the challenge. Best of luck to them...)

8. As far as boyfriend potential goes, he's useful. (Want some dirt on your mean boss so you can get him fired? Tim knows where they keep the pictures and the ledger books. Problem with a traffic ticket? Just bat yer eyes at the Amazing Mr. Mitts, and your record will be wiped clean. That's what I call a good value.)

7. He wears boxers, not briefs. (As much as I love Hyperman, those tighty-whities do NOT add any points to his total score. I'll take a guy in boxers any day.)

6. He's funny. (And if you actually like dirty jokes, he's HILLARIOUS. Thumbs up!)

5. He can be protective. (The outfielder's slide to catch Rumi when she fell during LtA, and of course, the big giveaway line, 'No one harrasses Rumy but ME!!')

4. He can be sensitive... Err... in his own.. unique way. ('Heyyy, we're too young ta say that! You'll have other embarrasments!" And you know what? He was right!!)

3. He's artistic. ("An' now I present an interpretive dance of 'Battlefield Earth.")

2. He's bold. (Nothing makes a girl feels special like being flirted with... only in Tim's case, it's more like a mugging than a seduction. Still, rather than worshiping from afar, Tim leaps in feet first, no matter the lady. It doesn't always work, but you never know...)

1. He writes the best Top Ten lists of all. (Sexiest Gay Cartoon Characters anyone?)

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