Top Ten Theories about Rikk's weird attitude

Written by Nodrog

1) He is referring to his current state of mind, which is different then normal due to Alisin's idea of an appropriate honeymoon involving a late-night raid on a pharmacy.
2) KAtherine, due to extreme guilt over what her 'sabotage' did to Rikk, appologized to him in those three weeks. Her new outfit and agreeable attitude is an effort at pennatence.
3) That's not the real Rikk, it's a FIB manufactured clone/android. Might explain why we can't see his ring.
4) Three words: B-Mod Broadcast Software. Of course, the Question is then who's using it... Cyber-thack, Thack V1.0 (the organic), or FIB.
5) The vengeful ghost of the slautered Xeno-Chiclet
5) The law of fives. Just thought I'd stick this in, in the hope that someone would remember why it's funny.
6) Giant alien teeth, which are hunting the Xeno-Chiclets so they (the xeno-Dentures) will have something to chew.
7) Rikk has secretly given into the dark side and has recieved FIB training.
8) LIE (a rival/sister orginization of FIB)
9) The 23-sider of POWER!!!!!
10) The result of Alisin's special knowledge of previously classified parts of the Karma Sutra and of Vampiric drinking habits. (I know, I know, the last is a bit of a dead horse issue)

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