Top Ten reasons Sully(prevamp) is better than Rumi, Alisin, Shanna, Kath, Tim, or the 23-Sider of Power.

Written by Nicolas Juzda

10. She looks just like a major TV star, which doubtless impresses people and gets her good tables at restauraunts.

9. Like Shanna, she had a real job. Hers probably paid better too, included plenty of travel, and had job security. Pity the retirement package sucked, though.

8. She's part of the secret government agency that controls things. So she can probably have annoying people "taken care of".

7. For all you Kath fans, she's shrewd and devious too. She helped plan the entire TMDK scheme, that was so good even the FANS don't know what REALLY happened.

6. She's not afraid to try new things or make necessary sacrifices.

5. For all you Rumy fans, she may not have demonstrated much martial arts skills, but who needs it when you can command FIB's vast army of Will clones?

4. She's a great actress, playing the part of Alisin, Miller's sister, a corpse, and a LARPer, not to mention generally deceiving the FANS.

3. Speaking of which, for all you Alisin fans, check out Sully's first appearance at Kath's party, and her subsequent capture of Rikk. It took over a hundred more strips for us to see Alisin in quite that light.

2. She's seen the very worst fandom has to offer, the utterly horrible underside, and she stuck around.

1. She's just like Scully on the X-Files, only with an eyepatch, an attitude, and some visible sex drive. Do I really need to be arguing this?

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