Top Ten reasons Shanna is better

Written by Wish

10. She's got a real job with major connections.... most of the time. (While mundane work is often.. well.. mundane, Shanna's job is both a boon and a hinderance, but it always helps move the story along.)
9. She looks great in a Star Tec uniform.
8. She's the only one in the group who is -vehemently- not a Fan. (Alisin, while not yet fully converted, will no doubt succumb soon enough. Shanna will be a HARD nut to crack, and if the shell does shatter, will she be damaged forever by the experience? It's not always a bad thing... she was the only one who didn't give in to Thack's weird little mind games, and the pre-supposition that she has no imagination had led the baddies to seriously underestimate her more than once. Not to mention that her 'mundane' point of view introduces new angles on current problems that the rest of the club over-looks.)
7. She loaths Tim. (While Tim would be insulted if she didn't hate his guts, I love watching those two trade jabs. Great stuff.)
6. Best Reason to Mistrust Fandom (Most people who don't like fandom don't have any good reason beyond 'It's dorky.' Shanna has true motivation in her mother. It's not poltical, it's not because she wants to be 'cool.' She's 'seen' what fandom does to some people and she's rebelling against her own imaginative urges in order to stay 'sane.' ("I LIKE being boring, Will!") Even better, she doesn't hide her views to make herself 'likeable' or 'politically correct.' Ahhh! More conflict! I love it!)
5. She keeps her eyes on the prize. (Even in the middle of an intergalactic stand-off, Shanna nearly manages to pull off a huge journalistic coup. Too bad for that darn sleep dart, or she might have that by-line in Time by now.)
4. She's hillarious when drunk. She should imbibe more often.
3. She's a childhood friend of Kathrine. (Would Kath be a fan today if not for Shanna's unicorns and strip poker?)
2. She's loyal, even when it's tough. (Witness 'The Most Dangerous Game.' She went to help Kath, even though she honestly seemed to think that she might lose the 'sanity' she'd worked so hard to protect all these years.)
1. Deep down, she's one of us. (To me, Shanna represents the possibility that deep down inside, there's a core of wonder in every person that might be reached and nurtured, a hint of imagination to be teased into joining the amazing world of fandom. Shanna at the gaming table gives me resolve to tackle those other Mundanes that I seek to convert someday, and that is a precious hope.)

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