Top Ten reasons Rikk gets to live

Written by wish

10. Although it pains me to admit it, he IS kind of cute... in a thin, scrawny kind of way.

9. He has good t-shirts.

8. He's not afraid to let his childish (err.. I meant childLIKE) side show. ("I pity you." "I pity you." "I pitied you first.")

7. He got shot! (Thanks for the wish fufilment, T! ^_^)

6. He cares deeply about his friends. (Natch).

5. He can admit that he has doubts about his faith. (This is SO hard to do... at least, it's been hard for me to do. Growing up in a certain enviroment leads to lots of expectations from everyone who knows you, and it's hard to say that you have doubts.. It feels like you're lettting the people who raised you down. It's nice to know that there are others who struggle.)

4. He's... mysterious? Maybe? (Even though I said that Will is one of the most mysterious characters thus far, I didn't even think to count Rikk.. I feel like I know Rikk's life story already, even though we havn't actually been TOLD much. Maybe I know a whole lot less about him than I think. I'll leave this space open in case Rikk turns out to have the kind of past I believe he might.... er.. have.. a past that is.. Poor grammar is causing... eyes to ... cross.....)

3. He wants the best for people, even at his own expense. (This ticks me off sometimes, but usually it's a pretty good thing.)

2. He does great stump speeches. (I trust I don't have to elaborate?)

1. Out of the goodness of his soul and the generosity of his heart, he's going to give Kath back her position as head of the club! (Right? Right? C'mon T... I'm dying up here.... )

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